A Sunny Sunday

This weekend I had the pleasure of taking a hands on floral design workshop. It’s not everyday one is available, so they are definitely a treat for me. This weekend was no different. This workshop in particular was about wedding trends. They GREAT part about these events (besides meeting new people and comparing what we are creating for all of our customers) is creating things that I do not get to practice everyday. We created 5 styles of bridal bouquets using various types of flowers and techniques. It is always great to be able to practice the styles of bouquets are not as popular. For instance, we all know that the hand tied clutch bouquet is the most popular right now, but there are so many options! Cascade, Waterfall, Septor!

There are also new product available. For instance a new type of bridal bouquet holder has been designed to wick water up the handle! This is great because after the wedding the bride can keep her bouquet for a few days until they fly off for their honeymoon. Come on, who doesn’t want to enjoy their flowers for longer, right?! These workshop are the perfect place to see these product and be able to test them out! I am excited and inspired by what I have learned and I can’t wait to show some of the techniques to all of you in “31 days of bridal bouquets”. Okay so that is a shameless plug for my mini blog series starting tom

orrow…. Be sure to check it out!

It has been a very wet weekend here in Southern California, but today it was nice a sunny while I was driving down to Vista, CA and back! I am not going to show you the bouquets that I made just yet, I am going to make you sweat it out a little while….. Instead something nice and bright to for a sunny Sunday!

Have a great week!

To Brighten your Sunday

The sun like gerbera daisies are paired with roses, lotus pods, babies breathe and other small flowers to create this cheerful arrangement. I would love this on my coffee table! Such a great way to cheer up some one!


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