1/31 Citrus Bouquet

WOOO HOOO! We are starting March off right with 31 days of Bridal Bouquets.

A little about what you should except for the next 30 days…. Everyday we will be posting a new blog about weddings. Some of you maybe more familiar with our old blogs (happened to go bye-bye after we upgrade our website) were we would talk about all kinds of arrangements; weddings, flowers to wear, compacts, stylized, traditional vase arrangements, and many more. The next few weeks we are all about weddings! The other arrangement will return in April, don’t worry I have not forgotten about them! Along with the bridal bouquet that will be showcased each day, other pieces that are used throughout the wedding will also be shown. Each blog will be different and contain different pieces but they can all be beneficial to every bride, maybe you will find a style you like that can be altered to fit your event!

Moving right along, we are starting off with a bouquet that can be carried by either the bride or the brides maids. This bouquet in particular was designed as a bridesmaid bouquet to compliment a unique hanging bouquet that I entered at the orange county fair last summer. I won 1st place with the set and truly enjoyed the contest!

Orange spray roses, Cox Comb and full size roses are arranged in a biedermeier style bouquet. The stems are left mostly showing with a small part covered with paper jute and decorative wire. This is such a fun bouquet that I can see paired with the groom (or groomsmen) wearing a green roses boutonnier. Perfect for a summer wedding!

Think about how great it would look with a centerpiece like the one below!! The wooden box is filled with a pave arrangement in the same colors! Roses, Orchids, Hydrangea, Pin Cushion Proteas, and Billy Balls are in straight lines to add a stiff feeling.

It would be such a fun wedding theme, I think I would enjoy attending it!

Come back tomorrow for our 2nd installment of “31 Days of Bridal Bouquets”!

Have a great Monday!


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