2/31 The Fun of Fall

What are some of the top reasons people go to a wedding?

  • To show the happy couple they support the marriage
  • To eat good food (if they are lucky)
  • To socialize
  • and my favorite…… To have FUN!

I love it when couples decide to make their event a fun environment for the guests. Out of all the wedding I have been to, I remember the ones where I had the most fun! SO with that in mind why not have some fun with the flowers!

This bouquet is designed in the classic hand-tied style yet it has a few elements to express both the season (fall) and the fun spirited theme for the day. It is a very flower filled bouquet that incorporates many textures and shades of colors. Straw flowers, Roses, Gerbera Daisies, Sunflowers, and Phalaenopsis orchids are arranged with three Spanish moss spheres and loops of variegated lily grass. The handle (or stems of the flowers) is covered with textural cream ribbon, a small amount of moss, and gold bullion wire wrapped around the entire handle.

This size bouquet would be best for a bride, mainly because the bride’s bouquet is usually larger then the bridesmaids. Below you can see a close up picture of the handle treatment.

Continueing with the fun theme……

What about the rest of the bridal party!! Bridesmaids carry a smaller bouquet of course, but if the flower girl and ring bearer are young kids these flowers many be to large for them. It is very popular for flower girls to carry a “kissing ball’ aka pomander, how about one out of Spanish moss! The ribbon incorporates the colors from the bouquet while the white dendrobium orchids tie in the white orchids from the brides bouquet.

Of course you need a matching ring bearer pillow…..

The ribbon was left long to be able to tie the rings to the bow. Both of these two pieces are a fun youthful spin on the bridal bouquet. These little touches make the entire floral decor feel lively!


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