5/31 A Glass Act

There are all different ways to create a round bouquet. The stems can be gathered in a parallel fashion then bound and covered with ribbon (the most popular right now), The stems can be arranged in a spiral fashion and bound in a small spot leaving the rest of the stems to be seen the spiral fashion, and of course they can be created in a holder. There are so many options as far as holder are concerned, I could on for hours!  I like to experiment with new ideas for both the bouquet and the holder. These bouquets are placed on top of a glass vase! The vase is very skinny and a clear tube creating the illusion that the flowers are floating. I thought it turned out beautiful!

The Bridal Bouquet is a small and simple mass of beautiful cream spray roses.

For the Bridesmaids a fun version of the bouquet in orange spray roses. Grass is braided and swirled around the bouquet as well as decorative gold wire. Bout of these bouquets are small and would be a great accent to many styles of dresses.

These bouquets are so modern! For the centerpieces, glass containers should be used to continue with the theme. By adding a few more colors and types of flowers the centerpieces can coordinate with the bouquets beautifully!

The arrangement below is shown is a 6 inch glass bubble bowl with orange spray roses, cream roses, pink hyacinth, yellow ranunculus and a mix of textural foliage. This size would be best for a table that seats no more than 6 people.

Over all these spring arrangements would go great together for a happy cheerful wedding!


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