6/31 Lavender Scepter

Wedding dresses are come in SO many different styles and shapes. Wedding bouquets come in just as many shapes, sizes, colors, and textures. A “Scepter Bouquet” incorporates the handle in the overall design. These bridal Bouquet uses a twig orb as the base on which the flowers are place. Roses and petal-less sunflowers are accented by hanging black large gems (3 inches in length) and ribbon.

The textures of the twigs and sunflowers create an interesting accent to the velvety texture of the roses.  Picture this bouquet against a silky straight cut dress. The bride’s maids could carry bouquets made from all lavender roses against black dresses. I can picture it in my head!!

Can’t forget the moms and dads! This corsage is designed for someone that doesn’t mind a statement. It may be a bit large, but it is remonstrant of traditional corsages of the past decades. The Boutonniere also has a touch of the ribbon used on the bouquet handle. Ties everything together and adds great texture and color!


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