7/31 Disks and spheres

A popular look for isle pieces and flower girls are pomanders. Why not use them for the brides bouquet? A couple of years ago I took a challenge to create some cool and creative wedding bouquets.

Both of these bouquets are created from different spheres and disks in various shades of burgundy, rust and goldenrod button mum.

The top bouquet is very unique with the spheres on a shinny copper ribbon. Some of the spheres are partially covered with Galax leaves.

The second bouquet has three disks made form different color button mums mixed with kiwi vine and hanging gold chains. The chains are family heirlooms that mean a lot to me. This would be great for a bride that has a jewelery that they would like to incorporate in their wedding. The fun part of creating a bouquet like this is that it can be really personalized for the bride.

These pictures were taken in December 2008  by my mom, which is always so fun. The great time is they are still functional for today even thought they were taken over a year ago. Some things never go out of style, pomander are here to stay! The have become a classic trend in weddings……


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