8/31 Ocean….. Purple?!

It is so easy to get inspiration from the area in which we live. Southern California has beaches, mountains, deserts, and forests. What more could you ask for! These pieces were inspired by the beautiful rich colors of the ocean. It is only fitting they were taken on the beach as well!

The Bridal Bouquet is filled with 30 anemones in various shades of purple and white with “blue” hyacinth swirling the basis mixed in with curly willow. THe handle is covered in black satin ribbon to add a touch of black. A collar of dried lemon leaves finish the underside of the bouquet. You may ask why I choose to us dried leaves for the underside and not fresh one. Well there is a method to my madness, I love the texture and color variation in the dried leaves. The color is a lighter green with different tones that bring out the texture of the leaves. There is no rule saying the entire bouquet has to be made from FRESH flowers or foliage!

You can look at me crazy if you would like, but I am sticking to it!

To break with tradition (once again why not?!) the bridesmaid bouquet does not include any of the flowers used in the bride’s bouquet. Picasso Mini Calla Lilies are paired with a dainty blue flower and bound in two small spots. The stems for these calla lilies were so beautiful and vibrant I wanted to show them off.

For the Groom a simple ring on hyacinth is paired with a black ribbon sash.

A great detail is shown with the place setting details. A small glass bubble vase is filled with a simple three calla lilies and placed in the center of the plates. The same vase is shown on the cake for the “cake topper” yet filled with anemones! Everything comes full circle!

My philosophy is that details make the event. The Bride spends months choosing every little things, from the invitation to the embellishments on her dress, I like to do my part and show close attention to everything I am put in charge of. After all there is only one wedding day!


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  1. Heidi on

    Your creations are stunning! I love the color inspiration and the last part of what you say… details make the event… I couldn’t agree more. Bravo!

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