13/31 Groupings

The idea for this bouquet is to show strong groups if colors, textures, and flowers. The multiple shapes and textures play well off of each other and add even more interest to this bouquet showing each flower. The stem is wrapped in a neutral ribbon that is accented with the black round pins. Each grouping of flowers bound like a bouquet then added to the finished bouquet. Roses, mini carnations, lisianthus, sunflowers, and orchids were used.

Its all in details! Folded Lemon leaves are added to bottom and mixed with ribbon loops to create a finished look.

The pins are added for a dramatic look.

For the centerpiece below a neutral color scheme is used. The same petal-less sunflowers are accented with purple status and green mini cymbidium orchids. Even though the cymbidium orchids were not used in the bouquet the spotted throats of the orchids coordinate with the spotted orchids in the bouquet.


2 comments so far

  1. Sue Arran on

    These are just fantastic – the bouquet is so beautiful and the details, as you rightly say, make all the difference. I particularly like the groupings and the folded leaves – were these wired or taped to keep them folded? The purple lisianthus look fantastic next to the sunflowers. Fabulous work as always!

    • Hi Sue! Thanks for the comments as always! The leaves were wired then taped as a group. They add SO much the over all look!

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