17/31 Anthiriums

Anthiriums are such a unique flower to use in bouquets. These form flowers are a statement flower. In the cascade bouquet below the anthiriums are paired with more traditional flowers (calla lilies, roses, wax flower, and a mix of foliage). This bouquet shows a more casual cascade that would be great with sleek form flattering dress. Silk or even a modern cotton dress. The textures of this bouquet place of beautifully with the different textures of the two fabrics. The pale colors bring the traditional feel for the bridal bouquet. It is a great thing to bring some tradition even is it is just the color.

To show the Mothers and Grandmothers that they are very special, this corsage is a fun use of the anthirium flower. Using the yellow shell bracelet brings a fun color to the mix and is also a great keepsake for the recipients.

For the tables, these wonderful compact arrangements bring so much texture and wonderful accents to the centerpieces.

The first arrangement is fulled with black ti leaves, variegated short flax leaves, white tulip Anthiriums, star of Bethlehem, green dendrobium orchids, dusty miller and bear grass loops.

Variegated lily grass loops are a key feature in this arrangement. White ranuculas is paired with petal-less sunflowers, and green anthiriums.


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