18/31 The Septor bouquet

Theme weddings can be a fun way to express your style. Think flapper and think spring. Think pink and think burgundy. Now add a modern twist. Using the textures and the very popular mini cymbidium orchids along with the black beaded wire, this bouquet is a modern take on a vintage influence.

I picture this with a long 1920’s to 1930’s silk ivory dress. Maybe with lace? Titanic meets garden. I like the idea!

So on to the bouquet itself. Heather is used as a statement in this bouquet. It is used to cover create a long sector style handle. It is also used mixed in with the mini cymbidium orchids. Black beaded wire is wrapped around the handle to add a glam feel to the bouquet.

Using the black beads could also coordinate with black brides maids dresses. How about fringed skirts with black tops. Corsages were very popular in the 1930’s so keeping with the theme, the bridesmaid could wear a mini cymbidium corsage.

The centerpieces can be maid from various garden style flowers in the pink and burgundy flowers. How about sweet peas. Or peonies. Even ranuculas. Take a minute and think about the over all look. It would be a wonderful look!


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