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21/31 Spotted Orchids

Orchids come in so many sizes, colors, types, shapes, textures, and patterns. The Orchids featured in these arrangements are some of my favorite! The bouquet pairs the orchids with two colors of roses and a large fabric bow.

The three arrangements below are the perfect size for a small table, maybe setting 4-6 people, perfect for a reception featured at your favorite restaurant. Various accents are paired with the orchids to have a fun and personal feel to each.


20/31 Twigs and More

Twigs and More

There are so many beautiful venues in southern California that have the rustic feel that are begging to have a very organic and natural decor. The bouquet and centerpiece featured in this blog combined textures and movement into the perfect blend of traditional and modern.

The bouquet used twig spheres paired with moss spheres as a strong modern feeling to the bouquet. Flowers such as green roses, petal-less sunflowers and variegated lily grass.

A 6 x 6 glass cube is filled with petal-less sunflowers, green mini cymbidium orchids, ti leaves, moss, hala leaves, kiwi vine, and snowball viburnum.

19/31 Details

It’s all in the details! Each bridesmaid is a unique individual! Express their own style by various accents to their bouquet. It is a growing trend that brides let their bridesmaids choose a unique dress in a specific color. Many dress designers create a line of dress styles and have them available to be ordered in various colors. Another trend is that all the bridesmaids have the same dress but they all have different bouquets. Either one single flower of which is used in the brides bouquet or even the bridesmaids favorite flowers.

If you do not want to have all the choices that are above, you can have the bridesmaids bouquets all the same with just a few accents that change the overall look. Below are four different accented that are added to the same bouquet. In continuing with tradition, each groomsmen have matching boutonnieres.

The flowers used in the bouquet are first cut ranuculas (they have a very short season and are not easy to come by, but aren’t they beautiful!), roses, wax flower and blue / purple wild flowers. A lemon leaf collar finishes off the bouquet and black satin ribbon is placed on the handle. Curly willow is wrapped around the edge to add movement.

The basic bouquet with out any extra accents.

The accent for an earthy bridesmaid. Round branch pieces are placed on a wire and swirled around the bouquet.

For the glitz loving bridesmaid. Sequences are attached to the curly willow and leaves.

The organic bridesmaid that likes very natural elements, a swirl of dried eucalyptus leaves.

For the young and hip bridesmaid, a swirl of bright sisal.

For the groomsmen the boutonnieres match the bridesmaids.

18/31 The Septor bouquet

Theme weddings can be a fun way to express your style. Think flapper and think spring. Think pink and think burgundy. Now add a modern twist. Using the textures and the very popular mini cymbidium orchids along with the black beaded wire, this bouquet is a modern take on a vintage influence.

I picture this with a long 1920’s to 1930’s silk ivory dress. Maybe with lace? Titanic meets garden. I like the idea!

So on to the bouquet itself. Heather is used as a statement in this bouquet. It is used to cover create a long sector style handle. It is also used mixed in with the mini cymbidium orchids. Black beaded wire is wrapped around the handle to add a glam feel to the bouquet.

Using the black beads could also coordinate with black brides maids dresses. How about fringed skirts with black tops. Corsages were very popular in the 1930’s so keeping with the theme, the bridesmaid could wear a mini cymbidium corsage.

The centerpieces can be maid from various garden style flowers in the pink and burgundy flowers. How about sweet peas. Or peonies. Even ranuculas. Take a minute and think about the over all look. It would be a wonderful look!

17/31 Anthiriums

Anthiriums are such a unique flower to use in bouquets. These form flowers are a statement flower. In the cascade bouquet below the anthiriums are paired with more traditional flowers (calla lilies, roses, wax flower, and a mix of foliage). This bouquet shows a more casual cascade that would be great with sleek form flattering dress. Silk or even a modern cotton dress. The textures of this bouquet place of beautifully with the different textures of the two fabrics. The pale colors bring the traditional feel for the bridal bouquet. It is a great thing to bring some tradition even is it is just the color.

To show the Mothers and Grandmothers that they are very special, this corsage is a fun use of the anthirium flower. Using the yellow shell bracelet brings a fun color to the mix and is also a great keepsake for the recipients.

For the tables, these wonderful compact arrangements bring so much texture and wonderful accents to the centerpieces.

The first arrangement is fulled with black ti leaves, variegated short flax leaves, white tulip Anthiriums, star of Bethlehem, green dendrobium orchids, dusty miller and bear grass loops.

Variegated lily grass loops are a key feature in this arrangement. White ranuculas is paired with petal-less sunflowers, and green anthiriums.

16/31 Spring Time

Spring has arrived in southern California!

There are so many different types of flowers and colors that emerge in spring! Probably my favorite spring color combination is green pink and orange. Something about it just makes me happy.  These two bouquets are the perfect choice for a nice spring wedding. They each have green hydrangeas, orange tulips (hand opened) and ranunculus in a beautiful pink shade. The only difference about these would be the handle is covered in a different color and the way they are arranged. The top is arranged in a traditional fashion with the flowers spread over the entire bouquet. The bottom is show with a ring of blooms surrounding the hydrangea.

For the set I can picture a long table multiple arrangements running down the center. This compact flat bowl would be great to mix in with candles floating in various cylinders and small groping of the triangle vase arrangement below.

I can see this wedding being perfect for spring!

15/31 A Classic Flower

The Rose is such a popular flower for every occasion. They come in such a rainbow of colors and mean many things to each people. Probably my favorite type of roses is the deep burgundy roses.

The bouquet is made from a dozen black baccarat roses that are accented with a few cream spray roses.

The Corsage is show from three black bacarra roses accented with hypericum berries and foliage.

The compact arrangements below would be great for centerpieces. How about using different arrangements on different tables? All different centerpieces would be such a fun look for the event!

14/31 Birds and Orchids OH MY!

I love when I get to hear stories from the brides. The bride that this bouquet was for was such a sweetheart. His favorite flower was Birds of paradise and the bride loved dendrobium orchids. What a great way to combine the two!

The bouquet uses both flowers to create a modern and unique look. The birds of paradise are left as they grow with long orange petals. Grass is looped in with the flowers to add much need movement to the static lines of the birds of paradise. The stems are completely covered in a coordinating purple ribbon.

The Groom wore a boutonniere that was created from a part of the bird of paradise and an orchid bloom.

I just loved the way theses two used both of their favorite flowers to create such a custom feel!

13/31 Groupings

The idea for this bouquet is to show strong groups if colors, textures, and flowers. The multiple shapes and textures play well off of each other and add even more interest to this bouquet showing each flower. The stem is wrapped in a neutral ribbon that is accented with the black round pins. Each grouping of flowers bound like a bouquet then added to the finished bouquet. Roses, mini carnations, lisianthus, sunflowers, and orchids were used.

Its all in details! Folded Lemon leaves are added to bottom and mixed with ribbon loops to create a finished look.

The pins are added for a dramatic look.

For the centerpiece below a neutral color scheme is used. The same petal-less sunflowers are accented with purple status and green mini cymbidium orchids. Even though the cymbidium orchids were not used in the bouquet the spotted throats of the orchids coordinate with the spotted orchids in the bouquet.

12/31 Cascade

Cascade bouquets….. some people are very anti this style, but it can be the perfect bouquet for some dress and brides!

The cascade bouquet has a bad reputation because of the 1980’s styles that were swallowing the bride. A simple yet elegant cascade can be carried by many brides and it would compliment the dress beautifully! The bouquet that is featured below is shown in colors of white a cream with touches of pink. The mono-floral bouquet is accented with Spanish moss woven between the flowers and mimicking the cascade feel. The cascade bouquet is traditionally thought of as a very formal feeling bouquet, however this bouquet is less formal and very garden inspired!

As a Bride searching for flower, try not to right off the cascade!