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GWC Wedding Class!

Flowers to wear! What do you think of when you hear ‘flowers to wear’? Boutonnieres and Corsages? Yes they definitively are ‘flowers to wear’ but what about necklaces, leis, rings, or hair pieces? Last night I was the guest lecture at Golden West College Floral Design Department. I was so happy that Gail Call AIFD asked me to come and lecture on creating a wire wristlet and flowers to wear.

I am very inspired by the European designs, but the flowers to wear from European and England may not be quite as popular in the USA. I think you can take elements from the inspiration and make it your own and something that can be wore here. That is what I really wanted to get across in the lecture. Also that knowing what your customer see in magazines is very important on keeping up with the trends of flowers to wear.

Last night I showed the class how to create a wristlet out of wire as well as a simple off center corsage.

Here are the pieces I demonstrated.

And a leaf for good measure!


Admin Day

This year we did so many administrative professional week deliveries! I love it when they call and order flowers themselves! These are some of my favorites from the week!

Pavé arrangement with roses, calla lilies, lilac, orchids, straw flower, safari, and other accents.

Bubble Bowls created with bright spring flowers.

Lush compact filled with lilac, hydrangea, and roses.

Brides Everywhere!

Today was the a bridal show at Los Coyotes Country Club. The banquet room has a great view of the golf course! Not to mention the decor in the room is just so elegant. I decorated two reception style tables and had a table right in front of the tables that displayed my portfolio, marketing materiel and two bridal bouquets.

The first table was covered in a turquoise satin table cloth. I played off the colors in a peacock feather. Tall flowers including Bells of Ireland, delphinium, kangaroo paw, burgundy snapdragons, iris and other flowers such as mini carnations, mini gerbera daisies, straw flower and hanging amaranths are designed in groupings to create a strong visual presence.

A bridal bouquet to coordinate was created with delphinium, anemones, mini calla lilies, hanging amaranths, Kermit mums, and moss.

For the second table, bright fall colors including green, yellow, orange, and touches of hot pink were arranged in a traditional full arrangement. The flowers included, roses, spray roses, sweet William, and alstromeria. The arrangement sits on a tall glass vase with dried rose stems attached in two grouping to create a natural band.

The bouquet to match is made from three colors of roses in a graduated fashion and finished with three layers of fabric in brown tones.

We had a great time and want to thank all the brides, venders, and the staff at the venue!

Brighten a “Gray Day”

Gray is my new favorite neutral color. I have been using gray container a lot lately and really think they bring a certain vintage elegance to the arrangements.

This arrangement is no different. “Sassy” is a great word to describe this arrangement! Spray roses, gerbera daisies, sweet William, and Anthiriums are mixed to really show the textures! Spanish moss is placed between the flowers to bring the gray into the arrangement.

Definitively a piece to brighten up a “gray day”! (I know cheesy, but I can’t help it!)

Stylish white

Flowers can be art! I love the unique and interesting and attention grabbing designs! Stylized arrangements are very artistic and definitively make a statement. Since white and green are very versatile color combinations and used all different occasions, I wanted to show off some of my stylized arrangements. 🙂

yes they make me happy, what can I say?!

Phalaenopis Orchid Planters

When walking around south coast plaza, I could not help by notice that many of the stores have orchids planters on display! It got me thinking (as I tend to do to much!) all the ways that orchids are used. The orchid plants come in many sizes colors species and shapes! The phalaenopsis orchid is the most popular type of orchid plant. Also now as the butterfly orchid, the phalaenopsis comes in many colors and tones of colors. White being the most popular and purple being the most common of the colors, some other colors include pink, green and yellow! The purples are so beautiful; spotted, stripped, and all the tones!

The plants are very popular to send many occasions including new home, birthday, and sympathy. They also are very popular for cooperate offices and stores!

A few of my designs with the plants are below. Single, double and triple plants!