Phalaenopis Orchid Planters

When walking around south coast plaza, I could not help by notice that many of the stores have orchids planters on display! It got me thinking (as I tend to do to much!) all the ways that orchids are used. The orchid plants come in many sizes colors species and shapes! The phalaenopsis orchid is the most popular type of orchid plant. Also now as the butterfly orchid, the phalaenopsis comes in many colors and tones of colors. White being the most popular and purple being the most common of the colors, some other colors include pink, green and yellow! The purples are so beautiful; spotted, stripped, and all the tones!

The plants are very popular to send many occasions including new home, birthday, and sympathy. They also are very popular for cooperate offices and stores!

A few of my designs with the plants are below. Single, double and triple plants!


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