GWC Wedding Class!

Flowers to wear! What do you think of when you hear ‘flowers to wear’? Boutonnieres and Corsages? Yes they definitively are ‘flowers to wear’ but what about necklaces, leis, rings, or hair pieces? Last night I was the guest lecture at Golden West College Floral Design Department. I was so happy that Gail Call AIFD asked me to come and lecture on creating a wire wristlet and flowers to wear.

I am very inspired by the European designs, but the flowers to wear from European and England may not be quite as popular in the USA. I think you can take elements from the inspiration and make it your own and something that can be wore here. That is what I really wanted to get across in the lecture. Also that knowing what your customer see in magazines is very important on keeping up with the trends of flowers to wear.

Last night I showed the class how to create a wristlet out of wire as well as a simple off center corsage.

Here are the pieces I demonstrated.

And a leaf for good measure!


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