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Anthiriums Stylized

Guess what’s coming in July?!

THE FAIR! I love the fair! The tacky rides that may or may not be nice on my head and stomach, the bright lights, and the way to greasy food; oh ya, and the floral design competitions!

I have entered for the past few years and done really well. I have brought in many 1st place, best in show, and division winner awards, but this year is going to be extra fun! I registered just the other day to compete in more classes then I have ever done! I am excited to the compete, as always.

This arrangement is one form a few years ago. It won first place, division winner and best of show! It is such a great feeling to sweep the class! A mix of tropical and spring flowers create a texture rich arrangement suitable for so many occasions.


Circles, Circles, and Textures!

I go through phases. I find a flower I particularly like and I use it as much as possible. ranuculas is no different. This was an arrangement I made back in January, but it is still one of my favorites. A clear bud vase is topped with a dried twig sphere. A netting made from circles of Banksia Foliage visually connects the twig sphere and the vase. As a finishing touch the ranuculas is placed through the sphere. The flowers are placed far enough apart to allow room as they open. ranuculas open gorgeously! I can only imagine how beautiful this turned out to be.

Container Focus!

These containers create such a unique and eye catching focal point! The shinny black finish complements many different color stories and adds such an elegance! Available in two sizes, they are a perfect choice for a “thinking of you” or “get well” arrangement. They have been popular and we are down to less then 10 in each size! Keep these unique containers in mind when you want to brighten somebody’s day!

A Day In Paris!

About a month ago I did an event with centerpieces made on Eiffel tower bases. (I will post pictures on my website soon!) Last week the same customer was having a luncheon and wanted different arrangements on the same bases. She wanted red white and blue to go with the flag of France. They turned out really great for the event! There are great things that can be done with prop (tasteful props!). Red anemones, Red Spray roses, White Lissianthus, Blue Hydragea, and Blue Delphinium.

After I delivered these arrangements for the luncheon it got me thinking about Paris and how beautiful it was when I was there December 2007. As some of you know I had an amazing opportunity in the fall of 2007 to work and learn from an AMAZINGLY talented world renowned Floral Designer in Germany. After my two months working in Bad Neuenahr Germany I set out to do a little bit of traveling. M first stop was Paris! I was there for five days and loved most of it. Granted the weather was not very good, but it still was beautiful. I thought I might as well share some of my favorite pictures that I took in Paris.

They are not to bad considering it was raining most of the time and I only had a small point and shoot and no tripod! That is one of the best parts about traveling alone, I did not have to be anywhere if I did not want to be. I must have walked ten miles each day just getting lost and looking at the buildings. I honestly had no idea where I was most of the time, but I was always able to make it back tot he hotel at the end of the day.

I wondered into a random courtyard (I think it was for an apartment complex) and there were these beautiful fountains! So of course being my mothers daughter I had to take a picture of them.

The bad thing about traveling by yourself is there is nobody to take your picture, I have a lot of pictures like this one. One again in the random courtyard. This is what I looked like most of the time, tired and soaking wet from the rain.

A “king” of texture!

I am a huge fan of king proteas! The textures are so fun to work with, but then again I am all about texture. Frankly I think it is one of the most important element in design. These two designs are showcasing the king protea in different ways.

The first arrangement is a compact bubble bowl. The protea is surrounded by sweet William, burgundy anemones, pepper berry (the texture is awesome!) and encircled with bullion wire.

The stylized arrangement is created in a shinny black container with a dark brown branch as a strong line. The flowers are arranged in a horizontal manner to create another strong line. Bright colors are bright in to the arrangement using mini calla lilies, veronica, mini gerbera daisies, and makara orchids. From every angle there is an interesting sight. The pink wire half rings and the orange sisal “shelf” in the back show a great use of not floral material in a floral design.

Such different arrangements based from one type of flower! This is why I love my job, it is always different!

Picking Your Prom Flowers! Part 3

Decorative bracelets are a fun and unique way to bring some fun to a corsage. The bracelets that are shown below are currently in stock and ready to be used for Prom! A few of them are in limited numbers. They range in price from $2.50 to $7 each and con compliment either price range of our corsages ($20 or $35). Our Corsages come standard on our handmade wire bracelets. We also have a large collection of ribbons that can be added!


(the Two pictures above are best for small wrists)

Natural Materials!


Theses calla corsages are designed on different bracelets! The bracelets add so much fun!

Looking for something that is even more unique, try a necklace or a ring!

Why not have a have fun with your Prom Flowers!

Picking Your Prom Flowers! Part 2

Flowers for HER! Picking flowers for corsages follow the same rules as a boutonniere (Live with out water, petal bruising, and size). There are all different styles of corsages; Traditional wrist, bracelet style, pin-on and non-traditional wrist. The most popular style for prom is any type of wrist corsage (traditional wrist and non-tradition wrist) with the bracelet style catching up! As far as this mini series, we will be skipping pin-on corsages since they are not really for prom flowers.

Lets start with traditional corsages. Typically made form roses, my corsages are still unique. I like to use various textures and foliage to add interest to the corsage. Accents are also very important to a corsage. Most people think of the days when corsages were made with fern and a massive amount of babies breathe and a large bow at the base of the corsage. I do not create my corsages this way! Even my traditional corsages are unique and fun!

Non-traditional corsages are my favorite. There are SO many options for these. They can be off center, accented with some fun grasses, wire, or other natural accents, and they can be made from composite flowers. They are work great on our line of wristets (aka bracelets)! My current favorite flower for a corsage is the mini calla lily, I change my favorite pretty much every dance!

Bracelet style corsages are arranged in a garland fashion with all the flowers in a horizontal manner. This creates a thinner more jewelry inspired look. These are great for something a little different!

Some of these corsages are shown on our bracelets…. see tomorrows blog for more info on these bracelets!

Picking Your Prom Flowers! Part 1

Prom is one event that most high school students look forward to all year long! It is the last big event of the year and a night that many memories are made. The girls spend lots of money on dresses, getting there make up, hair and nails done; so why not continue the pampering with a custom corsage and boutonniere set. “Flowers to wear” are one of my favorite things to create. (I find myself make corsages and boutonnieres when I have extra flowers!) There are so many options for something truly unique, creative, and personal!

The guys have it easy, they usually let the girls (or their Mom’s) pick out the corsage for their date! So girls, get what you want, and make it something fun! It’s not that often you get to dress up and go out for a night on the town! I am splitting the corsages into two blogs (coming in the next two days!) since there are so many options! This installment of “Picking Your Prom Flowers” is focused on the guys!

The guys traditionally have a boutonniere pinned to there jacket the whole night. Lets make it nice for them, since they usually don’t care about flowers (and sometimes don’t want to wear them!). How about a simple mum boutonniere or a foliage boutonniere for the guy that thinks flowers are only for girls! (I swear they are not only for girls, in fact I have given flowers to guys many years ago! The next time I saw the guy in question he requested a blue vase! Even he felt special to get flowers!)

There are also MANY options of flowers to make a boutonniere (or corsage). There are a few things to consider when picking which flowers would be best.

  1. Can this flower live outside of water? Certain flowers tend to wilt fast! Hydrangea, I have never had luck with using them for boutonnieres. They may look awesome, but not to practical!
  2. How soft are the petals? When the guy wearing the boutonniere hugs his date (or his mom!) will the petals bruise? Or even worse, will they fall off?! Lilies (except Calla Lilies) bruise SUPER easy. Therefore I do not suggest them for flowers to wear.
  3. Will this be over powering? Size does mater. For instance, ginger is a really fun flower, but the head is at least 4 inches long. This is WAY to big for a boutonniere. It was be uncomfortable to wear and it would look funny.

Some of the most popular flowers for boutonnieres and corsages are roses, spray roses, orchids, and mini calla lilies. Take a look at some examples of these flowers in boutonnieres.

For the guy that wants to be different, how about a pocket square! This is a rectangle that is adorned with flowers and slips into the pocket of the jacket or shirt. No need for a handkerchief! These are slightly more expensive, but they are defiantly unique and easier to wear!

What about a fun and funky boutonniere!