Picking Your Prom Flowers! Part 1

Prom is one event that most high school students look forward to all year long! It is the last big event of the year and a night that many memories are made. The girls spend lots of money on dresses, getting there make up, hair and nails done; so why not continue the pampering with a custom corsage and boutonniere set. “Flowers to wear” are one of my favorite things to create. (I find myself make corsages and boutonnieres when I have extra flowers!) There are so many options for something truly unique, creative, and personal!

The guys have it easy, they usually let the girls (or their Mom’s) pick out the corsage for their date! So girls, get what you want, and make it something fun! It’s not that often you get to dress up and go out for a night on the town! I am splitting the corsages into two blogs (coming in the next two days!) since there are so many options! This installment of “Picking Your Prom Flowers” is focused on the guys!

The guys traditionally have a boutonniere pinned to there jacket the whole night. Lets make it nice for them, since they usually don’t care about flowers (and sometimes don’t want to wear them!). How about a simple mum boutonniere or a foliage boutonniere for the guy that thinks flowers are only for girls! (I swear they are not only for girls, in fact I have given flowers to guys many years ago! The next time I saw the guy in question he requested a blue vase! Even he felt special to get flowers!)

There are also MANY options of flowers to make a boutonniere (or corsage). There are a few things to consider when picking which flowers would be best.

  1. Can this flower live outside of water? Certain flowers tend to wilt fast! Hydrangea, I have never had luck with using them for boutonnieres. They may look awesome, but not to practical!
  2. How soft are the petals? When the guy wearing the boutonniere hugs his date (or his mom!) will the petals bruise? Or even worse, will they fall off?! Lilies (except Calla Lilies) bruise SUPER easy. Therefore I do not suggest them for flowers to wear.
  3. Will this be over powering? Size does mater. For instance, ginger is a really fun flower, but the head is at least 4 inches long. This is WAY to big for a boutonniere. It was be uncomfortable to wear and it would look funny.

Some of the most popular flowers for boutonnieres and corsages are roses, spray roses, orchids, and mini calla lilies. Take a look at some examples of these flowers in boutonnieres.

For the guy that wants to be different, how about a pocket square! This is a rectangle that is adorned with flowers and slips into the pocket of the jacket or shirt. No need for a handkerchief! These are slightly more expensive, but they are defiantly unique and easier to wear!

What about a fun and funky boutonniere!


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