Picking Your Prom Flowers! Part 2

Flowers for HER! Picking flowers for corsages follow the same rules as a boutonniere (Live with out water, petal bruising, and size). There are all different styles of corsages; Traditional wrist, bracelet style, pin-on and non-traditional wrist. The most popular style for prom is any type of wrist corsage (traditional wrist and non-tradition wrist) with the bracelet style catching up! As far as this mini series, we will be skipping pin-on corsages since they are not really for prom flowers.

Lets start with traditional corsages. Typically made form roses, my corsages are still unique. I like to use various textures and foliage to add interest to the corsage. Accents are also very important to a corsage. Most people think of the days when corsages were made with fern and a massive amount of babies breathe and a large bow at the base of the corsage. I do not create my corsages this way! Even my traditional corsages are unique and fun!

Non-traditional corsages are my favorite. There are SO many options for these. They can be off center, accented with some fun grasses, wire, or other natural accents, and they can be made from composite flowers. They are work great on our line of wristets (aka bracelets)! My current favorite flower for a corsage is the mini calla lily, I change my favorite pretty much every dance!

Bracelet style corsages are arranged in a garland fashion with all the flowers in a horizontal manner. This creates a thinner more jewelry inspired look. These are great for something a little different!

Some of these corsages are shown on our bracelets…. see tomorrows blog for more info on these bracelets!


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