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Three in the same!

One of my weekly clients has this unique vase. It has a small opening at the top which limits the deigns that can be created in it, but it sure can be fun!

These are three different arrangements created in the same vase.

First, a fall design is created from rolled magnolia leaves, straw flower, saff flower, and tulip antirrhinums. I am a firm believer in textures and how important they are in a design. This arrangement just drips with texture! I have to say when I made this one, even I wanted it in my house!

Next, a very spring arrangement. This mono-floral (is that a term?!) creation showcases peonies (they are so beautiful right now!). A half dozen small headed peonies were accented with bound reeds that were looped and bent into a piece of art. The reeds bring in great texture and movement, plus with the red bullion wire wrapping they even bring in a shine! When in doubt, add movement and texture!

Finally, the third arrangement in this blog is an exotic fun creation. Vanda orchids come in some beautiful bright colors making them perfect for spring and summer. I choose my favorite color of these orchids, bright orange! For a unique twist, a short small mazanita branch is laid across the vase prior to the orchids being added. Green bullion wire is formed into a mess and finished off by two loops of plastic covered with and moss. The bright colors of the wire complement the orchids, yet do not over power them because of the minimal use. A bold piece if I say so!


Simple Elegance

Today I went by Erin Cole Couture Bridal in Costa Mesa. (check out there website at ) Starting today, a fresh arrangement will be delivered every Wednesday afternoon!

They have such a beautiful store! Very clean lines, easy to navigate and best of all the few dresses I took a peak at were AMAZINGLY beautiful! And there window displays were very elegant (funny things I pay attention too!)

Anyways this is the first arrangement delivered to them. Two different tones of Anthiriums, bright yellow straw flower and awesome stripped leaves! Oh ya, can’t for get the manzanita branch for a focal! Be sure to check back on Wednesdays to see the latest arrangement! Also if you are in the market for a wedding dress, be sure to check out Erin Cole and tell them Jacqueline Ahne sent you!


Yes, I said Amnesia!

Certain colors and flowers are so fun for me to use! These Roses are called “Amnesia”, hence the title of the Blog! A dusty lavender color that adds such a vintage elegance, I can’t resist them! When they are added to white flowers, for instance in a bridal bouquet….. WOW! Okay, now even I can tell I am a dork! But on a serious note, mixed with white flowers they create a great feeling. I will have to create a bouquet with them to show you!

Here they are used in multiple ways. Compact, stylized, and parallel designs show them as the star and as the accent. First we will start with compact arrangements. A mix of Pink Lilies, green button mums, orchids, hydrangea, and textural foliage. The gray dish is banded with a pink-orange ribbon to bring the color down. The bright flowers bring a cheerful and modern feel to the vintage look of the gray dish and dusty amnesia roses.

An obvious companion for the dusty lavender colored roses are the bright purple dendrobium orchids (other one of my favorites in the purple color story). The two are paired with misty blue create a biedermeier arrangement for the purple loving person! This style of arrangement is making a strong come back! Well, at least I want it to and will try to make it come back! The silver container brings the dusty color out!

The same types of flowers are arranged in a parallel design. The horse tail is bend to add height and still create a transparent look. This would be great for a centerpiece! (or look awesome in my house!)

The last two are slightly different. Both are forms of stylized arrangements; fun, funky and eye catching. The first is shown in a short glass cylinder. The reeds are woven into a basket design and used as an armature to hold the flowers in the hand tied bouquet that is then dropped into the vase.

Second, the roses are added to gerbera daisies and iris to create a spring arrangement. Once again the silver container is used and brings out such a different look for the roses!

As you can tell I love these roses and there are so many ways to use them!