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Framed by Tropicals!

These two arrangements would be great to frame a wedding ceremony or buffet table, oh how-about a entry way to a home for a fun summer party?! If I remember correctly these were designed for a church alter given by a member of the congregation. Sweet if you ask me!

Heliconia, safari, Anthiriums, and orchids are accented with ti leaves grass and commodore for a lush tropical feel. The containers are these great metal galvanized tins. They are such a nice shape and color for these arrangements. Also one of the containers I consistently restock when I run out.


“Welcome Baby” Fair Entry!

For the first week of the OC Fair I entered two arrangements. A tropical bridal bouquet (sorry you will have to wait till September to see it!) and this arrangement. It was entered into the categorize “Welcome Baby Retail under $40”. A couple years ago I entered in the retail under $30 and got burned because the judges thought the value would have been over $30. This time I played it safe and went way under value!

A 3 inch glass cube is filled with a small stylized arrangement. The foam is covered with a piece of gray fabric and accented with light colored rocks. Four variegated mini gerbera daisies and spray roses are accented with variegated ti leaves. I love these ti leaves! The colors are great in them!! Two ti’s are rolled and one is sliced into a great pattern. The finishing accent is a new type of wire in apple green. When I was at my wholesaler I saw this wire and had to get it. Actually I almost pasted it up; when I went back I knew I had to buy it!

Anyways this arrangement won 1st place! (so did the bouquet in case you are wondering….)

60 years and counting

I had the pleasure of working on a 60th wedding anniversary this weekend. When they were married 60 years ago they had a cake topper in a small vase filled with pink spray roses. This was the jumping off point for the floral décor.

The couple had a matching corsage and boutonniere set. They were a very traditional couple and wanted traditional pieces. It has been so long since I made a traditional corsage, but it turned out beautiful (just took me quite some time, I used to made these with my eyes closed!).

For the guest book table shells were added into the bottom of the vase. The guest book was also a shell theme. A mix of pink flowers were arranged in a bubble bowl. Two colors of spray rose, zenias, and gerbera daisies are accented with green button mums.

I love the idea of a 60th anniversary. It is something we should all strive for! I wish I would have asked for some helpful hints on how to make it to 60 years together!

Phalaenopsis Fascination Part 6

Probably my favorite part of a wedding is the flowers to wear! I know I know all of you other floral designers are shaking there heads in disagreement. They can be annoying, but I look at them a a HUGE testament to my work and a great example of how creative you can be!

Lets jump right in! Starting off is large boutonniere or a small pin on corsage. A single (smaller) bloom is accented with a lemon leaf perpendicular to the orchid with a nice size circle of silver wire and two 1960’s teal sequences finish it off. This might be a little to large for some men, but it would look great of a man that is a little sturdy. A way that it can be brought down to size, we can x the leaf coming from the bottom. It would still look awesome! I also mentioned this could be a pin on corsage, traditional pin on corsages can be really cumbersome. The trend is to do a corsage about this size so it will be lighter and easier to wear.

Next a similar arrangement. Two orchids are very minimally accented with a single leaf in the back (main to add stability). I would LOVE to see this on a groom, but maybe to large (dang 😦 ). In stead this a more tradition small pin on corsage perfect for petite grandmothers and moms.

Corsages are actually my favorite flowers to wear (don’t tell the boutonniere). This wrist corsage is shown with three blooms and lemon leaf. The bottom bloom and leaf are “air taped” allowing them to move and dance with the wearer. Adds a nice touch and some fun movement. Just remember by the end of the night the air taped orchid my be crushed form all the slam dancing at the wedding.

If the air tapping is not for you, try this corsage. The same elements, just with the last orchid wired in the all the rest of the corsage. It is slightly off center since I like things that are not to predicable. A very beautiful corsage!

Last but not least, this was a grooms boutonniere from last year that I loved! This speckled orchid is paired with a single and fun peacock feather. The “stem” is finished with pink gems to add some glitz. Single, elegant, and funky; my kind of boutonniere.

I hope you have enjoyed the Phalaenopsis Fascination blog series. I sure have enjoyed writing it!

Phalaenopsis Fascination Part 5

The More Practical Side of Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants

When sending a plant to person you can not guarantee they will have room for a 5 foot tall arrangement or that a vintage glass vase will coordinate with their décor. That is why most of the orchid plants I send out are a little more practical.

The first arrangement is a perfect example of the beauty that even a practical orchid arrangement can provide. A double burgundy phalaenopsis plant is planted in a tin square. A dark brown manzaita branch is used as the support system and various gray rocks are the finishing touch.

Up next are a couple of arrangements that are slightly more unique yet still practical. One of my favorite vases is this great shinny black rectangle vase with the round void to one side. I played with the balance of from the void and placed two orchid plants on the opposite side. A short branch is attached to one side and laid across the top of the vase. Rocks are tucked in to the open side of the vase yet are not shown in the picture. Wicker orbs are incorporated in the plants to continue the shape of the void. A very modern twist!

Another simple yet shinny vase is filled with two mini phalaenopsis orchid plants. Wicker orbs are placed at the bottom of the planter with bark covered wire wrapped around the base.

Negative space is a great way to create a larger look with the same amount of plants. This arrangement includes one plant with two spikes of orange/pink phalaenopsis sprays. The cement container is filled with rocks and three various sized dark brown orbs. There are so many options with where to place this arrangement! How about under the upper cabinets on the counter, a window sill or even a thin bookcase! The rectangle container is thin enough to place on many different thin surfaces.

The same container is used in a fuller wider planter that is perfect for a table centerpiece! I love these two colored orchid pants, the bright purple and orangey pinkish yellowish mini phalaenopsis plants bring SO much great color to the arrangement. A dark brown thick trunk of a branch is laid across the container. This specific one has a great curve to it! It adds great movement and depth! I am all about movement in case you can not tell!

The options are endless when designing orchid planters. Definitively fun to play with!

Phalaenopsis Fascination part 4

The Vase You Do Not Know What To Do With!

We all have them, vases that are given to us by relatives that we are not quite sure what to do with. These two vases are from my Grandmothers house. I love the color of them and the unique shape of them. They remind me of the 70’s. If you have these styles of vases and do not what to get rid of them, why not put a plant in them?! I can picture one of these in an entry way of a house or against the wall of a dinning room. They defiantly make a statement!

This vase is shown with a double burgundy phalaenopsis orchid plant placed in the unique opening. The roots are spilling from the side of the vase and a single tall branch is used to help support the stems. The branch is connected to the vase with paper covered wire twisted into swirls.

Another blue vase is topped with a double burgundy phalaenopsis plant. Tall bamboo is used as a very linear straight line to create a large a show stopping piece! The bamboo is arranged to help create a structure for the orchid stem to be supported. The orchids are closer and less “wild” as in the first picture.

Orchids plants are a great way to fill unique vases and are easily changes when the blooms are expired. My favorite part about using the phalaenopsis plants is that they come in many colors that can compliment various shades of vases. Also they last long enough to make it something that can be enjoyed for months.

Phalaenopsis Fascination Part 3

Phalaenopsis blooms are such a beautiful cut flower. There are many applications for the orchid sprays. These three orders were all delivered on the same day. When I saw these orchids I kept going back to them. I could not pass them up! First up is a compact arrangement. The beautiful purple blooms are variegated which add to the depth and eye catching element that makes this arrangement such a beautiful choice. Touches of hot pink hydrangea and “black” mini calla lilies finish out the flowers used in this arrangement. The foliage is a huge part of this arrangement. Striped ti leaves and coiled equisetum put the finishing touches on this arrangement.

Next a fantastic stylized arrangement! Ti leaves are folded and sliced to create two unique looks and equisetum is bent into steps for depth and movement (there I go with the movement AGAIN! Think I am obsessed?). Black calla lilies are the finishing touch to bring out the shinny black color in the vase. A true beauty!

Finally, an advent garde arrangement in a clear glass dish. The equisetum steals the show in this arrangement; the coils are stacked in such a way to lay flat. Inside the vase is a single large coil that helps to support the other coils and the stems of the phalaenopsis orchids. I LOVE THIS ARRANGEMENT! I want it!

Phalaenopsis Fascination Part 2

Phalaenopsis orchids are probably the most elegant in white. The great clean color is great for a simple elegant design for many events! White phalaenopsis plants are very popular, probably the most popular of all the colors.

These four designs so that simplicity can be best!

First off this arrangement is a single stem white phalaenopsis plant in a shinny black pot. Tall strain twigs are bundled at a single gathering point and bound with a single looped ribbon. The bright green ribbon is finished with two types of gems.

Next a tall pilsner vase is filled with a single white phalaenopsis plant. The roots are a prevalent part of this arrangement. The clear glass plays nicely with square mirrors accenting the ribbon bands. The slender yet well balanced arrangement can be a great display on a side table to add height or as a statement piece.

The third arrangement is a display of two white phalaenopsis plants with minimal touches succulent plants. A black boat shaped basket is accented with simple and sleek lines created from straight branches. The horizontal lines are what really set this arrangement over the top! A great arrangement that can be a perfect accent for many spaces.

Last but not least, a REAL show stopper. This was a plant that one of my co works got to re-bloom, and I designed the arrangement. I sent this out to a promo and got SO many wonderful remarks on the design. The plant itself is placed on a tall pilsner vase with the root and soil system covered in gray Spanish moss. Seashells are at the bottom of the vase to ground the design. Sadly this can not be replicated since the plant was a re bloomed plant, this great curve is unique!

Phalaenopsis Fascination part 1

Phalaenopsis Orchids are some of my favorite to play with. Granted they are not cheap in the cut flower option, however they are not to expensive for a beautiful flowering plant!

The Mini Phalaenopsis plants are just so cute! I LOVE the orange color best. Their hot pink throats are a perfect accent!

The next few days will be all about Phalaenopsis Orchids! From Flowers to wear to arrangements to Plants, Plants, and MORE Plants! Today I am showcasing the Mini Phalaenopsis under glass.

To start out with, this arrangement is a double stemmed plant placed inside of a glass cylinder. The cylinder is about 10 inches tall. Rocks surround the plant for a nice natural look. This also provides a barrier for drainage. When watering plants inside of glass containers it is important not to over water! Water slowly and make sure to allow enough time for the plant to dry out in between watering. Phalaenopsis plants only need water once a week at the MAX!

Next we have a single purple phalaenopsis orchid plant inside of an apothecary jar! I love these jars! They are also very popular at the moment for weddings and especially candy stations. I can picture this arrangement mixed in with other jars filled with candy at a reception or birthday party or really any event where favors are given. The moss in which the orchid is planted is used with out a rock barrier so the roots can be seen from the outside. I think rots are such a great element that should be displayed! After all they are super cool looking and come with the plant, no charge!

Finally, a more practical and everyday deign. A six inch bubble bowl is filled with a single stemmed purple orchid plant. The root system is once again surrounded in rocks and a short branch is used to all height and to support the stem. This is a perfect size to go your desk at work, night stand, or kitchen counter. It is small enough not to be in the way; yet it adds such a great element for design purposes!

Copper Coils

Green, Green, Green!

Green roses, Green Cymbidium Orchids, Green Hanging Ameranthus, Kale and Stripped flax leaves make up this funky compact. The flax leaves are looped to create great movement and the copper container brings out the great stripe! These flax leaves could not match the container better!