Phalaenopsis Fascination part 1

Phalaenopsis Orchids are some of my favorite to play with. Granted they are not cheap in the cut flower option, however they are not to expensive for a beautiful flowering plant!

The Mini Phalaenopsis plants are just so cute! I LOVE the orange color best. Their hot pink throats are a perfect accent!

The next few days will be all about Phalaenopsis Orchids! From Flowers to wear to arrangements to Plants, Plants, and MORE Plants! Today I am showcasing the Mini Phalaenopsis under glass.

To start out with, this arrangement is a double stemmed plant placed inside of a glass cylinder. The cylinder is about 10 inches tall. Rocks surround the plant for a nice natural look. This also provides a barrier for drainage. When watering plants inside of glass containers it is important not to over water! Water slowly and make sure to allow enough time for the plant to dry out in between watering. Phalaenopsis plants only need water once a week at the MAX!

Next we have a single purple phalaenopsis orchid plant inside of an apothecary jar! I love these jars! They are also very popular at the moment for weddings and especially candy stations. I can picture this arrangement mixed in with other jars filled with candy at a reception or birthday party or really any event where favors are given. The moss in which the orchid is planted is used with out a rock barrier so the roots can be seen from the outside. I think rots are such a great element that should be displayed! After all they are super cool looking and come with the plant, no charge!

Finally, a more practical and everyday deign. A six inch bubble bowl is filled with a single stemmed purple orchid plant. The root system is once again surrounded in rocks and a short branch is used to all height and to support the stem. This is a perfect size to go your desk at work, night stand, or kitchen counter. It is small enough not to be in the way; yet it adds such a great element for design purposes!


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