Phalaenopsis Fascination Part 2

Phalaenopsis orchids are probably the most elegant in white. The great clean color is great for a simple elegant design for many events! White phalaenopsis plants are very popular, probably the most popular of all the colors.

These four designs so that simplicity can be best!

First off this arrangement is a single stem white phalaenopsis plant in a shinny black pot. Tall strain twigs are bundled at a single gathering point and bound with a single looped ribbon. The bright green ribbon is finished with two types of gems.

Next a tall pilsner vase is filled with a single white phalaenopsis plant. The roots are a prevalent part of this arrangement. The clear glass plays nicely with square mirrors accenting the ribbon bands. The slender yet well balanced arrangement can be a great display on a side table to add height or as a statement piece.

The third arrangement is a display of two white phalaenopsis plants with minimal touches succulent plants. A black boat shaped basket is accented with simple and sleek lines created from straight branches. The horizontal lines are what really set this arrangement over the top! A great arrangement that can be a perfect accent for many spaces.

Last but not least, a REAL show stopper. This was a plant that one of my co works got to re-bloom, and I designed the arrangement. I sent this out to a promo and got SO many wonderful remarks on the design. The plant itself is placed on a tall pilsner vase with the root and soil system covered in gray Spanish moss. Seashells are at the bottom of the vase to ground the design. Sadly this can not be replicated since the plant was a re bloomed plant, this great curve is unique!


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