Phalaenopsis Fascination Part 3

Phalaenopsis blooms are such a beautiful cut flower. There are many applications for the orchid sprays. These three orders were all delivered on the same day. When I saw these orchids I kept going back to them. I could not pass them up! First up is a compact arrangement. The beautiful purple blooms are variegated which add to the depth and eye catching element that makes this arrangement such a beautiful choice. Touches of hot pink hydrangea and “black” mini calla lilies finish out the flowers used in this arrangement. The foliage is a huge part of this arrangement. Striped ti leaves and coiled equisetum put the finishing touches on this arrangement.

Next a fantastic stylized arrangement! Ti leaves are folded and sliced to create two unique looks and equisetum is bent into steps for depth and movement (there I go with the movement AGAIN! Think I am obsessed?). Black calla lilies are the finishing touch to bring out the shinny black color in the vase. A true beauty!

Finally, an advent garde arrangement in a clear glass dish. The equisetum steals the show in this arrangement; the coils are stacked in such a way to lay flat. Inside the vase is a single large coil that helps to support the other coils and the stems of the phalaenopsis orchids. I LOVE THIS ARRANGEMENT! I want it!


2 comments so far

  1. Cindy Rosales on

    I want the advant garde arrangement also!!! Love it.

  2. Bella on

    I want the stylized one, gorgeous work as usual!

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