Phalaenopsis Fascination part 4

The Vase You Do Not Know What To Do With!

We all have them, vases that are given to us by relatives that we are not quite sure what to do with. These two vases are from my Grandmothers house. I love the color of them and the unique shape of them. They remind me of the 70’s. If you have these styles of vases and do not what to get rid of them, why not put a plant in them?! I can picture one of these in an entry way of a house or against the wall of a dinning room. They defiantly make a statement!

This vase is shown with a double burgundy phalaenopsis orchid plant placed in the unique opening. The roots are spilling from the side of the vase and a single tall branch is used to help support the stems. The branch is connected to the vase with paper covered wire twisted into swirls.

Another blue vase is topped with a double burgundy phalaenopsis plant. Tall bamboo is used as a very linear straight line to create a large a show stopping piece! The bamboo is arranged to help create a structure for the orchid stem to be supported. The orchids are closer and less “wild” as in the first picture.

Orchids plants are a great way to fill unique vases and are easily changes when the blooms are expired. My favorite part about using the phalaenopsis plants is that they come in many colors that can compliment various shades of vases. Also they last long enough to make it something that can be enjoyed for months.


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  1. Sandra on

    That’s really nice Jacquie!

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