Phalaenopsis Fascination Part 5

The More Practical Side of Phalaenopsis Orchid Plants

When sending a plant to person you can not guarantee they will have room for a 5 foot tall arrangement or that a vintage glass vase will coordinate with their décor. That is why most of the orchid plants I send out are a little more practical.

The first arrangement is a perfect example of the beauty that even a practical orchid arrangement can provide. A double burgundy phalaenopsis plant is planted in a tin square. A dark brown manzaita branch is used as the support system and various gray rocks are the finishing touch.

Up next are a couple of arrangements that are slightly more unique yet still practical. One of my favorite vases is this great shinny black rectangle vase with the round void to one side. I played with the balance of from the void and placed two orchid plants on the opposite side. A short branch is attached to one side and laid across the top of the vase. Rocks are tucked in to the open side of the vase yet are not shown in the picture. Wicker orbs are incorporated in the plants to continue the shape of the void. A very modern twist!

Another simple yet shinny vase is filled with two mini phalaenopsis orchid plants. Wicker orbs are placed at the bottom of the planter with bark covered wire wrapped around the base.

Negative space is a great way to create a larger look with the same amount of plants. This arrangement includes one plant with two spikes of orange/pink phalaenopsis sprays. The cement container is filled with rocks and three various sized dark brown orbs. There are so many options with where to place this arrangement! How about under the upper cabinets on the counter, a window sill or even a thin bookcase! The rectangle container is thin enough to place on many different thin surfaces.

The same container is used in a fuller wider planter that is perfect for a table centerpiece! I love these two colored orchid pants, the bright purple and orangey pinkish yellowish mini phalaenopsis plants bring SO much great color to the arrangement. A dark brown thick trunk of a branch is laid across the container. This specific one has a great curve to it! It adds great movement and depth! I am all about movement in case you can not tell!

The options are endless when designing orchid planters. Definitively fun to play with!


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