Phalaenopsis Fascination Part 6

Probably my favorite part of a wedding is the flowers to wear! I know I know all of you other floral designers are shaking there heads in disagreement. They can be annoying, but I look at them a a HUGE testament to my work and a great example of how creative you can be!

Lets jump right in! Starting off is large boutonniere or a small pin on corsage. A single (smaller) bloom is accented with a lemon leaf perpendicular to the orchid with a nice size circle of silver wire and two 1960’s teal sequences finish it off. This might be a little to large for some men, but it would look great of a man that is a little sturdy. A way that it can be brought down to size, we can x the leaf coming from the bottom. It would still look awesome! I also mentioned this could be a pin on corsage, traditional pin on corsages can be really cumbersome. The trend is to do a corsage about this size so it will be lighter and easier to wear.

Next a similar arrangement. Two orchids are very minimally accented with a single leaf in the back (main to add stability). I would LOVE to see this on a groom, but maybe to large (dang 😦 ). In stead this a more tradition small pin on corsage perfect for petite grandmothers and moms.

Corsages are actually my favorite flowers to wear (don’t tell the boutonniere). This wrist corsage is shown with three blooms and lemon leaf. The bottom bloom and leaf are “air taped” allowing them to move and dance with the wearer. Adds a nice touch and some fun movement. Just remember by the end of the night the air taped orchid my be crushed form all the slam dancing at the wedding.

If the air tapping is not for you, try this corsage. The same elements, just with the last orchid wired in the all the rest of the corsage. It is slightly off center since I like things that are not to predicable. A very beautiful corsage!

Last but not least, this was a grooms boutonniere from last year that I loved! This speckled orchid is paired with a single and fun peacock feather. The “stem” is finished with pink gems to add some glitz. Single, elegant, and funky; my kind of boutonniere.

I hope you have enjoyed the Phalaenopsis Fascination blog series. I sure have enjoyed writing it!


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