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New Baby!

I make a lot of hospital arrangements. I am defiantly not a fan of delivering to the room, but I do enjoy hearing all the comments.

Luckily I do not have to deliver to the room when there are babies on the floor! This was a fun arrangement that I made yesterday for a new baby girl. I really liked the colors that I used. I have to say I love using these containers especially for compacts. They have such a great texture and fun color!

Antique pink hydrangea, green tea roses, pink snap dragons, yellow button mums and a mix of greens. It is finished with a touch of apple green flat wire, a new product for accents in the floral industry.


“Going to Prom” at the OC Fair!

I am sure you are all sick of seeing my fair arrangements, but almost over I promise! I entered a corsage and boutonniere set for the theme “Going to Prom”.

I love to do things that are slightly different (duh!) especially when it comes to Prom. This set is created from white dendrobium orchids and bleached feathers. Silver accents are added for a little glamor! Silver wire covers the stem of the boutonniere and the wrist corsage is on a silver beaded bracelet.

I won first place…..

Simple with Gerbera Daisies

Mono-floral (is that a term?!) bouquets have always been really popular. Of course Roses, calla lilies and orchids are the most popular but I like using the bride’s favorite flower. This wedding was a small and intimate celebration on the beach. There are so many great beaches in California; we are spoiled!

The bouquet is made from various shades of pink gerbera daisies and mini gerbera daisies. The handle is covered with a light blue ribbon and pearl headed pins.

The grooms boutonniere is a simple mini gerbera daisy and gerbera daisy center.

The guests sat at one long table with five small centerpieces down the center. I had originally created arrangements in glass containers but when I finished I felt they were not right. I debated for quite sometime until I decided to remake them. I switched the containers to a ceramic that was a shade a gray with a tint of blue. I was shocked with how well these matched the ribbon! For a little something extra and a fun texture, these AMAZING leaves were used to bring in the pink color. Also the leaves added an exotic feel perfect to complement the beach theme. I loved these centerpieces. I am SO happy I decided to switch them up……

Peacock Feathers to Wear! Wedding of 8/7/10

I love peacock feathers and I love calla lilies for corsages! I am glad when my Bride that got married this past Saturday wanted to use both!

For the Groom a bleached peacock feather was used with a single white calla lily and spray rose bloom. By the way, I am in love with these feathers! They are so fun to play with!!!!

The Bridesmaids wore these corsages on silver beaded bracelets with black calla lilies and a single feather. These bracelets are so comfy to wear compared to the traditional elastic wrist band, and not to expensive either! The silver color really made the dark calla lilies stand out.

For the Groomsmen matching boutonnieres.

I love the idea of getting a special piece for the Brothers and Sister that are not in wedding party. Family is so important and especially when welcoming Brother-In-Laws and Sister-In-Laws it is a really nice touch to honor them. For this wedding we did the same style corsage for the moms and sisters. These corsages are on the same style bracelet but in a traditional pearl color. The white calla lilies really complement this bracelet! These bracelets are SO awesome…. I love to work with them!

The dads and brothers also had matching pieces.

Wishing the happy bride and groom a wonderful life together!!!

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

I have to say one ting about the fair competitions…. There sure are some random themes!

When I saw this theme I knew I wanted to do it! I automatically thought of an arrangement that is in one of the books I flip through all the time. In “Floral Art” by Klaus Wagner, there are a few arrangements made in a grouping of various bottles. They are all very garden inspired and I knew that in order to create a piece more appropriate for the theme I had to come up with a way to “reduce” waste. The stems of the roses were used as a grid in with the flowers placed in the recycled water bottles.

Over all it is not really what I would have liked to display, however the basic idea is what I envisioned. Not everything can be as I picture it after all!!

Still won 1st place and got many complements on it…..

Another OC Fair Arrangement!

The category was “Table Centerpiece Retail Value under $40”. I knew I wanted to do something with a void in the container and some kind of strong movement; that is where I started and this is where I ended. Five hot pink gerbera daisies make up the entire arrangement! Bear grass is used to balance the opposite side of the centerpiece.

There were a few other entries that I saw when I delivered this to the fairgrounds. I was a little worried about the outcome because this is not really a traditional centerpiece. The other entries were more traditional centerpieces. Despite my concerns about fitting the category perfectly, I was very happy with the arrangement I delivered. I won First place. 🙂