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30/30 Seashells by the Sea Shore

I wanted something to dazzle to finish off the blog series!


This set is not for the faint at heart! The cascade bouquet is created on a “barnacle” with texture galore!I wanted to use the paler shades to play up the beach-y feel. Anthiriums, stock, horse tail and spray roses. This is created in waterfall design lending even more of the beach theme. I must be a dork because I totally thought about the waterfall design when I created this to be a beach theme!

For the Bridesmaid bouquet, a compact arrangement tops the large shell. The colors are more pink and peach with less green, but the two bouquets are a perfect pair! Horse tails is wrapped around the bouquet to create movement and to add to the continuity.


For the groom or even the groomsmen, shells can be used in the boutonnieres!

First up is a spray rose that matched the spray roses found the bride’s bouquet. The single bloom sits on top of the shell that is backed with a brooch pin for easy attachment!

Sometimes it rocks to use a theme literally!


29/30 Here’s to the pale colors!

Spring flowers are always a beautiful choice for wedding bouquets! There are SO many options for colors and textures and shapes galore!


I love to play with colors, as you should know by now. This set is created from pale orange spray roses, mini gerbera daisies in a pale yellow shade and a beautiful blue hydrangea. A navy ribbon finishes the bouquet. These two bouquet are made from the same amount of flowers but designed in two different styles. First a more traditional mix and second a biedermeier style.


How about the awesome compact arrangement for the tables! How cool would these be down a head table or a long banquet table!!! I love the detail of the bow on one side. It can be mirrored from arrangement to arrangement to create a fun look down a long table.


28/30 Tussy Mussy!

A tussy mussy!? I have always found the name funny!


This Victorian influence in the handle has a very elegant. I currently have two different styles in silver color. One more the classic, darker tarnished style, and one a very elegant bright shinny finish.


When I saw the two styles I could not choice between them, so I got both!


This bouquet is a perfect example of a Victorian style tussy mussy! The flowers are very light and “petal-y”. Lissianthus and thisle is surrounded by a ring of gypophia (aka Babies Breathe). The delicate blooms are a perfect pair with the delicate detail in the holder!

27/30 Bohemian

Bohemian weddings are going in popularity by the day! I have been really drawn to the look lately since there are so many amazing ways they can be created! One of my favorite color combos is yellow white and gray…. it will most likely be a big part of my wedding!


This bouquet is a fantastic mix of foliage and flowers to create a wealth of textures. Very petal filled roses are paired with scabiosa pods and foliage like dusty miller and green hanging amaranths. Horsetail is wrapped around the bouquet to bring the eye around and through the piece.

Glass is a great addition to the bohemian style. I LOVE apothecary jars. They work great for centerpieces, buffet piece, planters and SO many other place. Here I created a piece that would be perfect for a candy station. Candy shaped pieces are placed in the jar and on the edge to add to the décor of a candy station. Candy stations are all the rag and this piece would be a great addition!


26/30 Fun with Foliage

Foliage comes in many many forms! The great part about it, it comes in many shapes colors and textures.


For the bridal bouquet a composite “flower” is created by individual lemon leaves placed together. The arrangement is placed in a silver tussy mussy holder and seeded eucalyptus hanging from thin wire.



Fun with foliage….. What about dried boutonnieres. Here are a few of the bouts that are available on


25/30 Roses, a Classic Flower with a Modern Twist

We have all seen them, the classic all rose bouquet. How about something different…. This bouquet is created with a tight twist of red roses and finished with loops of lily grass.

To dress it up a garland of rolled rose petal are draped over the bouquet. The simple yet dramatic look of the rose petals would be great for a simple sleek dress. Picture it with a silk sheath dress! AMAZING!

I like the rolled leaves for the grooms boutonniere as well. This way the two piece really are tied together.

Aisle runners! There are so many options for the aisle!


Two of the most common petal disbursement are below. The first is an even scatter and second are two rows along the sides of the runner.


How about getting a little crazy! Here a swirl pattern is created out of the petals and would continue down the entire aisle.

Another growing trend is the monogram. The cursive letters look much more elegant and fitting for a wedding. Here the letter “J” is made out of the red petals.

24/30 Unique Topical

When I think of a beach wedding I automatically think of greens, blues, tan, whites, pink or peach; mainly pale colors. Why can’t you choose the bold deep tones that are popular right now?! By mixing tropical elements (here foliage and orchids) with the darker roses you create a very tropical feel!


This bouquet is unique. It is meant to be carried resting on the arm; a modern style presentation bouquet. Large leaves are the base of the bouquet help to support the orchids sprays. The lines draw the eye in and out of the bouquet showcasing the details.

For the fun part….

This centerpiece is fun, eye-catching and dramatic!


The thin black stand is topped with a large spray of burgundy and purple flowers. The star of this VERY large arrangement is the textured magnolia leaves. They provide a traditionally beach-y color and create a very regal feel. Picture these as you walk into a large room (or as you way into a patio overlooking the ocean!).

Something to think about…. color does not always have to be what is expected!


23/30 A Dramatic Style

There is something so amazing about creating a piece that draws attention! As a floral designer, I love to get creative and see where my mind can take me. I have some fun with this one….


This bouquet is created from layers of some interesting colors and textures. Safari, deep red roses, and hydrangea create the rings and the drama this bouquet exudes.

22/30 European Influence

You should see my library. I have WAY to many books and magazines for the small space I have it in. One of my favorite magazines is from England. Every year they come out with a Wedding magazine that I love to thumb through. There was a bouquet that inspired me to create the one in this blog. It was fantastic…. Long line with long straight branches and strong elements.


I took some of the element and incorporated them in this long cascade bouquet. I have been really drawn to green and purple lately. I am not sure why but the color combo is very striking to me. The Brides bouquet was inspired by the long straight lines of the white sticks. Picasso calla lilies are the “statement” pieces in this bouquet. Accents including scabiosa and china berries bring out the beauty of the calla lilies.



For the Bridesmaid bouquet a modern style biedermeier clutch bouquet consisting of rolled dusty miller, calla lilies, deep purple scabiosa and china berries.


For the guys a simple Picasso calla lily with a modern feel.


How about some church arrangements…. Something not yet seen on this blog series. These two arrangements mirror each other to create a balanced alter area. Linear flowers bring beautiful lines and help to create a larger more dramatic piece. These would be an example of what would look great on pillars at the front of the church.


Or think of this vertical arrangement!

21/30 Love Knots

“Tie the Knot” we have all hear it, and I use it all the time…. Well I am not sure where it comes from, but I have an idea. I read somewhere, no clue where, that know are a symbol of true love. From the same article I read that adding knows to long ribbons to your bridal bouquet is a sign of true love. I like the idea, but like I said I am not sure where it comes from or if I remember it correct. I am running with it because it is a cute idea!


This bouquet is a very classic white with bouquet with accents of white “love knots”. I like the knots, but not crazy about long ribbons hanging like streamers. I tucked the knots into the bouquet to hold the same clutch style bouquet that is very popular right now.

For the Groom, share the knot! I like the idea reserving the knots for the Bride and Groom. It is a special accents that only they should share.