2/30 Non-Mellow Yellow!

When I think of bright a happy I automatically think of yellow! Yellow is becoming a very popular option for wedding flowers, especially for a spring time wedding. I love to pair yellow with white and grays or black because it has such a bright, light and natural feel! There is something so sweet and playful about the color combo.

This set is for a simple yet playful wedding. The bouquet is a small clutch style with the focus being the yellow roses. White dusty miller leaves are folded into a collar surrounding the base of the bouquet. Yellow Billy Balls add the whimsical touches that pull the whole theme together.

The handle is finished by a silver wire treatment and black studs adding a “punk” element to bring in a personal detail that many brides desire. If the black studs are not for you (as they are not fitting for all personalities) think of adding touches of rhinestones or something that sparkles.

For the Bridesmaids bouquets, a simple small gathering of billy balls, white dusty miller foliage and touches of green reindeer moss. The textures in this piece really scream! (And they scream LOUD!)

I can picture this setting at a beach or park wedding where picnic table are set for all the guests. Even down to the black and white checkered table clothes (wildflower linens has some to really swoon over!). A family style meal has been being quite a trend lately. I do not know why it is making a come back, but I love the idea! Weddings are meant to be a fun, lighthearted and joyful occasion that surrounds the couple with family and friends. This setting really brings that feeling through!

The centerpiece is made from white open tiger lilies and yellow roses in a ceramic yellow container.


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