3/30 Tropical Paradise

Southern California has some of the best beaches! Beach weddings are a great option for many couple in the area. There are even more venues that overlook the ocean, from Laguna to Long Beach and even Malibu! We are so lucky to live in So Cal!

This bouquet is created from tropical flowers in an unique color theme. Rust Anthiriums, golden yellow rattle snake ginger, fuchsia dendrobium orchids and accented with green china berries and gray reindeer moss. A touch of traditional elegance is brought in by creating the bouquet in a silver bouquet holder decorated with a raised leaf pattern. The unique colors are a modern touch that is carried though out the complimenting pieces.

Traditionally boutonnieres are wore by the Groom, Groomsmen, Fathers, Grandfathers and ring bearers.

That is a lot of boutonnieres! They can all be the same, or all be different. I like the idea of having the grooms boutonniere different then all the rest. Weather it is made from the same flower just white or from a completely different flower. The rest of the boutonnieres can be the same (in my opinion) or different. Either way, there are many options! The boutonniere below would match the theme and would work great fro the Fathers and Grandfathers to match the corsages for the Moms and Grandmas. A silver wire base is accented with Green reindeer moss and a single fuchsia orchid and a gold swirl.

The corsage below would be great for the Moms and Grandmas! A silver beaded bracelet is adorned with a few fuchsia orchids on a base of gold swirls and green reindeer moss.

Can you see a pattern yet?! The flower girl and ring-bearer have to match the theme as well, of course. A kissing ball (or pomander) is accented with gold swirls, orchids and moss. The simple accents to the sphere create a fun and whimsical feeling. The pillow for the ring bearer is made from a brown fabric and accented with a large gold swirl for the rings to be placed on. The same flowers and moss bring theme full circle.

There are also many places were flowers can accent that most do not think about. Accents such a wine bottle pieces or wine glass piece bring in such detail that is option over looked. If there are going to be wine bottles on the guest tables, accenting the bottle can be a great way to have a finishing touch. Even adding accents to wine glass can be a way to accent the special guests at the wedding (Family, Bridal Party and of couple the Newly Married Couple!).


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