5/30 Light and Linear

Linear flowers are a great way to bring color though an arrangement. Right now I am really into using snap dragons, bells, and of course safari! I know snaps have a bad wrap, but they really can be pretty!

I was inspired by the new trend of airy / wildflower bouquets. Honesty I prefer different styles of bouquets, but they do look great with a lot of the dresses that are so popular now! This Bride’s bouquet is made from bells of Ireland, large white Hydrangea, and accented with bend horse tail. The loose open feel is best for a casual event.

With the same theme in mind, this bridesmaids bouquet makes snap dragons the start! They are accented with simple bells of Ireland and collared with apple green flat wire wrapped around the base.

Since the bouquets dictate a very casual feel, the reception should fit right in. What about a family style event with a LONG table (I am thinking like 25 people each side) and various arrangements down the center. I can picture the two centerpieces below alternating down the entire length (maybe 3 or 4 of each since there would be a lot of food as well). SO cool and fun!


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