7/30 King Protea

I love the unique feel of this bouquet! It is defiantly a show stopper!

A single King Protea is the main focus and catches all the attention. The protea is surrounded by black mini calla lilies, scabiosa pods and touches of white spray roses. The roses are very light and feminine compared to the heavy feel of the protea. The unique shape of the mini calla lilies adds to the totally unique elements!

Obviously the protea is not good for the boutonniere, can you picture that?! A boutonniere that is 8 inches in diameter! Guys don’t always to wear flowers as it is! How about a black mini calla lily boutonniere or scabiosa pod boutonniere.

I personally love mini calla lilies for flowers to wear. They are light (always a HUGE plus) and they sure do make a statement! I have had quite a few brides request corsages for the bridesmaid instead of bouquets. They can be more cost effective and the bridesmaid does not have to carry it around! Why not have some fun with the corsages?! They fit with the theme, unique conversation pieces.


2 comments so far

  1. lee gallison on

    I love Number 6. I’d wear that without a wedding. beautiful!

  2. lee gallison on

    I think I meant the calla on the “copper” bracelet. love it!

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