8/30 Lemon Limes and Oranges!

Bright colors are in! Yup, citrus fruit make great inspiration.

This bouquet is graduated in tones from green to yellow to orange, the strongest color on the bottom. The handle has a very light feel even though it is created from a darker color. Various brown fabrics are layered into a ruffled patten finished off with a chocolate brown bullion wire.

This look can be recreated in various types of flowers. A very exotic look can be created with cymbidium orchids, or a mix of various types of orchids. How about zinnias! That would be AMAZING. To bad zinnias are not in season year round like roses! Roses have defiantly been a hit this year.

Grooms are very important for a wedding (you can’t have a wedding with out them after all!), and there are many options of boutonnieres for them. These boutonnieres are all different and all made from orange roses. Something to consider when picking out what style you like.

First a traditional boutonniere with bear grass wrapped around the base.

Next two use petals for the “flower”. A fun a unique look!

(Detail of one above)

On a pin style backing…. see below for the depth of the petals!


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