9/30 A Handful of Handles

Since hand-tied bouquets (or clutch bouquets as I tend to call them) have become SO popular, the handle decorations have been more and more popular. A very simple bouquet is accented with gray ribbon and various styles of adornments.

First the traditional pins down the center. Followed by a even dispersant of pins.

Looking for a way to incorporate “something old”? These two heirlooms are placed onto the bouquet handle for a great way to incorporate a piece of family history. First a necklace with a large statement pendent. A dramatic draping of the gold chain adds a fun look as well.

This pin in placed in three different places. At the base of the handle, at the top of the handle and the ever so popular placed in the flowers.

Not every accent has to be shiny or fancy. If the event calls for a casual feel, try accenting with ribbon. First a fun and flirty bow is at the BOTTOM of the handle! I LOVE this look…. so fresh and not seen as often as other accents. Typically the bow is at the top of the handle just below the flowers, but by placing it at the bottom it can be seen much better!

Not into the frills and girly accents? Layering various textures of ribbon, in this case matte finish as the base with sheer topped with a satin can bring in all the colors of the wedding. Also a great way to bring in the “something blue” element!

Honestly, the stem wrap accents are ENDLESS, so sit down and use some creativity to add a personal touch!


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