10/30 Textures Everywhere!

If you have spent time reading my blogs you will know that I have a slightly (cough!) obsession with texture. This bouquet is no different! The colors are perfect for a bride that is not afraid to be different! I think that is why I love this bouquet so much. The stem is wrapped with a light blue satin ribbon that brings a softer side to the colors in the bouquet. Black mini calla lilies, pink cox comb and bright green textural spheres (excuse me for mot knowing there technical name, I have always called them “Monkey Balls” but am not sure if that is correct!) are paired with a few peacock feathers. The ribbon really brings the blue from the center of the feathers! Pretty neat….

Peacock feathers are so fun right now, sometimes they do not need to be accented with flowers (did I really just say that?!?!)…. check out these boutonnieres that are available in my shop on Etsy.com (Etsy.com/JacquelineAhne)

For the centerpieces, two different directions would be fun to travel….. First a very tight small arrangement is created in a silver textural container. The pink tones are the star here, the tiger lilies are a great shape that really create a great look.

This one speaks for itself! Strong grouping create a very striking arrangement! When in doubt, group!


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