14/30 Victorian Biedermeier

When I think of the Victorian era my mind automatically thinks of:

elegance and natural blooms

Prints that have very regal feelings


fruits in arrangement!

Seeded Eucalyptus…. I could go on and on……

A popular style of furniture during the era was the biedermeier style. Now granted the name is lent to a style of floral design, but the style of furniture is beautiful! Very elegant very regal very expensive looking.

When I made this bouquet I though of the elegance from the Victorian era. The opulent dresses, the velvet and embroidery. The ribbon wrapped around the stem reminds me of the Victorian era…..

Even wedding dress styles are influenced the Victorian era….. Picture this bouquet with a very opulent dress in a old castle inspired church! FAN-TAS-TIC! I can picture it now, amazing!

Mini Calla Lilies, Dahlias, Roses, and Mini Carnations create the rings in this bouquet.

The matching arrangement does not have to be as literal when designed. In southern California it is not as common to see a Victorian castle or church, but some houses are designed in the Victorian style. What about a backyard wedding?! The arrangement below is a casual feel with Victorian elements. Foliage including seeded eucalyptus, make the majority of this arrangement. Peonies (here, still tightly closed) are the focal flower.


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  1. Marisa on

    I absolutely love that bouquet! I am trying to plan the flowers for my wedding with our florist, and mentioned that I thought the Biedermeier style was kind of cool but it was hard to find examples that didn’t look like Target logos. 🙂 This is a perfect example, using basically ALL the flowers that I’m most interested in, and in the right color scheme (crimson/burgundy with accents)!

    Two questions: what is the approximate size of that bouquet (it’s hard to tell from the photo) and how much, approximately, do you think that would cost?

    • Thank you for the great comment!

      That bouquet was about 10-11 inches in diameter and it would really depend on the time of your for the cost of it. However say in June (when Dahlia’s are around again) this would be at least $125 (probably closer to $145).

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