17/30 Sticks and Stones

….. “Sticks and Stones may break my bones but words will words will never hurt me”…..

I love nursery rhymes! This bouquet was created for the OC Fair this summer with the theme “sticks and stones”. It came in 1st by the way….. I am always drawn to the fun themes that can allow me to be creative.

I wanted to create something that would be different-fun-funky-woodsy-interesting-slighty odd, I think I accomplished it! The bouquet is made to be hung on the wrist or delicately held. A twig garland is used as a base that the flowers are designed around. Hanging small planks of twigs bring the eye down and add a movement that is AWESOME when walking.

I truly love the this bouquet! Before entering it in the fair, we had a photo shoot! Take a look some of my favorite pictures from the photo shoot….

I added a few details before I entered it after the photo shoot…. The details are pictured below.

The same garland is great for details though out the rest of the wedding. This a fun ring-bearer pillow. A moss pillow is covered in the garland then accented with white dendrobium orchids. Gray ribbon is the final touch! A bow can tie the rings to the pillow or the rings can be placed over the loop of the bow (seen below).


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