19/30 Fall Crescent

Aww fall. Who doesn’t love the look of the changing colors or the how the days get colder. Fall maybe my favorite season. I love the textures and the darker colors. Moss is such a fantastic element to use in floral designs! Sheet moss comes is a great dark green color perfect for fall. Here it is used to create a shelf to create a oversized crescent style bouquet.

The crescent bouquet is not as popular as some of the styles of bouquets, but I think they are one of my favorite. This bouquet is created from various colors of calla lilies, lotus pods, and moss.

Once again, an OC Fair bouquet that took first place….. šŸ™‚ with the fair came a fun photo shoot!

As I sat down and planned for the blog I thought how great these table numbers fit the theme! I have had these for a while now and love how the bring the natural element into a traditionally boring element. It is perfect for an outdoor wedding or even in a very industrial area. OHHH that would be SO neat! An all white room with concrete floors and very organic feeling flowers, grasses, curly willow and these table numbers! AWESOME! I have way to much fun with these blogs!

Moss number available at: http://www.etsy.com/listing/54140789/rustic-moss-covered-table-numbers


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