20/30 Cascade

The Cascade Bouquet is often over looked with brides. Many think it has to be an outdated 1980’s style with frills and fluff and overwhelming large, BUT this is not always the case! Here a sleek modern design is created from a mix of yellow flowers. Tulips create a dramatic line and variegated ti leaves add bulk to the the cascade. Other yellow flowers such as cymbidium orchids, roses, mini calla lilies and a mix of foliage add the great textures and a modern touch due to the popularity of the flowers right now.

A complimenting hand tied bouquet created from tulips. This would be perfect for a bridesmaid; a very simple, elegant look!

Since the tulips are the star of the bouquets, why not make them the star of the boutonnieres! 1) Here a single yellow tulip is surrounded by a “nest” of copper colored wire; 2) a simple tulip accented with grass (perfect for the groomsmen).

For something that can be used in various places in the wedding…… aisle pieces, centerpieces, along the bar…… A cylinder vase is filled with swirling tulips. The sleek look allows the vase to be easily added to many areas of the wedding. I love the idea of using these for the aisle way! Mix in some other cylinders filled with floating candles, creates the WOW look!



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