21/30 Love Knots

“Tie the Knot” we have all hear it, and I use it all the time…. Well I am not sure where it comes from, but I have an idea. I read somewhere, no clue where, that know are a symbol of true love. From the same article I read that adding knows to long ribbons to your bridal bouquet is a sign of true love. I like the idea, but like I said I am not sure where it comes from or if I remember it correct. I am running with it because it is a cute idea!


This bouquet is a very classic white with bouquet with accents of white “love knots”. I like the knots, but not crazy about long ribbons hanging like streamers. I tucked the knots into the bouquet to hold the same clutch style bouquet that is very popular right now.

For the Groom, share the knot! I like the idea reserving the knots for the Bride and Groom. It is a special accents that only they should share.



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