22/30 European Influence

You should see my library. I have WAY to many books and magazines for the small space I have it in. One of my favorite magazines is from England. Every year they come out with a Wedding magazine that I love to thumb through. There was a bouquet that inspired me to create the one in this blog. It was fantastic…. Long line with long straight branches and strong elements.


I took some of the element and incorporated them in this long cascade bouquet. I have been really drawn to green and purple lately. I am not sure why but the color combo is very striking to me. The Brides bouquet was inspired by the long straight lines of the white sticks. Picasso calla lilies are the “statement” pieces in this bouquet. Accents including scabiosa and china berries bring out the beauty of the calla lilies.



For the Bridesmaid bouquet a modern style biedermeier clutch bouquet consisting of rolled dusty miller, calla lilies, deep purple scabiosa and china berries.


For the guys a simple Picasso calla lily with a modern feel.


How about some church arrangements…. Something not yet seen on this blog series. These two arrangements mirror each other to create a balanced alter area. Linear flowers bring beautiful lines and help to create a larger more dramatic piece. These would be an example of what would look great on pillars at the front of the church.


Or think of this vertical arrangement!


5 comments so far

  1. lee on

    these are absolutely beautiful!

  2. lee on

    question. did you use a bouquet holder for these? wondering how you got such a strong center structure. sweet!

  3. floraldesignbyjacquelineahne on

    Hi Lee,

    Yes I did use bouquet holders for both bouquets. The “brides” bouquet is created in the new gala holder I think they are called, the clear handle with the compete ball of foam. The other a standard straight handle.

    Thanks for the positive feedback! I love getting your comments! 🙂


  4. Monique on

    I so love your designs! Since we don’t get much European design here in the US, would you mind sharing the names of your favorite mags and books? Thank you!

    • floraldesignbyjacquelineahne on

      There are many great books, more then I could ever name. Check out Gregor Lersch’s books. He has many that I like to look through. He is very inspirational to me, I see something new each time I look through his books. Also I really enjoy “Fusion Flowers” magazine from England. They have a wedding magazine that comes out once a year.

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