25/30 Roses, a Classic Flower with a Modern Twist

We have all seen them, the classic all rose bouquet. How about something different…. This bouquet is created with a tight twist of red roses and finished with loops of lily grass.

To dress it up a garland of rolled rose petal are draped over the bouquet. The simple yet dramatic look of the rose petals would be great for a simple sleek dress. Picture it with a silk sheath dress! AMAZING!

I like the rolled leaves for the grooms boutonniere as well. This way the two piece really are tied together.

Aisle runners! There are so many options for the aisle!


Two of the most common petal disbursement are below. The first is an even scatter and second are two rows along the sides of the runner.


How about getting a little crazy! Here a swirl pattern is created out of the petals and would continue down the entire aisle.

Another growing trend is the monogram. The cursive letters look much more elegant and fitting for a wedding. Here the letter β€œJ” is made out of the red petals.


2 comments so far

  1. lee gallison on

    You know, with all the use of colored wire… I really like the look you used of “wrapped wire” Somehow, it seems more basically artistic. Maybe because it is matte, and not glossy. Just my 2-minute thought for today πŸ™‚ sigh…. back to Thanksgiving prep now…

    • floraldesignbyjacquelineahne on

      I agree! Sometimes all the colored wire can be overwhelming, but the bullion wire is so versatile and adds the perfect accent most of the time!

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