30/30 Seashells by the Sea Shore

I wanted something to dazzle to finish off the blog series!


This set is not for the faint at heart! The cascade bouquet is created on a “barnacle” with texture galore!I wanted to use the paler shades to play up the beach-y feel. Anthiriums, stock, horse tail and spray roses. This is created in waterfall design lending even more of the beach theme. I must be a dork because I totally thought about the waterfall design when I created this to be a beach theme!

For the Bridesmaid bouquet, a compact arrangement tops the large shell. The colors are more pink and peach with less green, but the two bouquets are a perfect pair! Horse tails is wrapped around the bouquet to create movement and to add to the continuity.


For the groom or even the groomsmen, shells can be used in the boutonnieres!

First up is a spray rose that matched the spray roses found the bride’s bouquet. The single bloom sits on top of the shell that is backed with a brooch pin for easy attachment!

Sometimes it rocks to use a theme literally!


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  1. Sandra on

    Love all the pictures!

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