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A Masculine Compact

As we know men DO like getting flowers.  There are specific types of flowers that are better for men. I traditionally like to stay away from pink and purple and “fluffy” flowers. More sculptor like flowers (like these anthiriums) and the textured details are more of the style I like to send out to men.  I love to send out stylized arrangements for men, but when space will not allow a compact like this one is PERFECT for a man. Rolled black ti leaves, green anthiriums, red mini anthiriums, cox comb, pumpkin tree, dusty miller and green dendrobium orchids make up this mix. Sometimes pictures do not do the arrangement justice, this is one! This arrangement was a very large mix! The container is about 8 inches in diameter!

Defiantly a statement.


Fall Stylized

Fall is probably my favorite season. I love all the colors; the deep burgundies, browns and the oranges. This arrangement is one of my favorite from the season. This stylized is created from pumpkin tree, gerbera daisies, mini calla lilies, cymbidium orchids and ti leaves.

More of an Awesome Wedding!

I thought I would share some of the details that were note featured in the blog on 11/1/10…..

At the church two plant stands were used as the alter area. There were 4 arrangements on each of the stands that were taken to the reception and placed on the tables.

There were a ton of tables, small and large mixed. Since there were 8 arrangements and 11 large tables, a few had a cluster of succulents. Check out how cool it looked!

Birdcages are a fun and practical way to collect cards. The couple had me place a few plants and succulent heads around their birdcage.

Can’t forget the super cute corsages! Rose, calla, orchids, and succulent on a pearl bracelet.

Flowers to Wear Class @ GWC

It is always fun for me to visit Golden West’s floral department. When my past teacher, Gail Call AIFD, asked me to come back a do a guest lecture I said of course.  This was the second time I lectured for Gail on “flowers to wear”. I showed the class how to make a wire wristlet to place the flowers on. I love the wire wristlets because they are WAY more comfortable then the stretchy elastic writslets that most florists use. Plus it adds a touch of glitz. I am sure I will be back lecturing for Gail again at some point!

Check out GWC’s Flickr:

An Awesome Wedding!

I had the pleasure of working with a FANTASTIC couple on their wedding in October. The Bride let me run with my ideas and it turned out AMAZING!  I loved all the details they choose…. Below are pictures from their photographer, Kristin Rogers! Be sure to check out her blog (it is pretty darn cool!). (all the photos are from her blog! There were so many great ones, I had a hard time picking my favs!)

And I think my favorite:

It was a pleasure to work with Kristin and OF COURSE I could not have asked for a nicer couple! Wishing them a very wonderful happily-ever-after!