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A Yummy Cake

In October I did a photo shoot with Shanda Hudson (Created By Shanda) which was a mock wedding / family heirloom shoot. While Shanda was off taking photos with the super sweet couple, I decided to play with the cake and took these snapshots.

Lately I have been getting more and more couples that want cake flowers. I have noticed the trends are heading back to fresh flowers on the cake instead of sugar flowers. I personally LOVE the idea!

This small cake (I think it feeds about 25 people) was created by the Cake Box in Huntington Beach. I created four different designs (one of which was shot by Shanda during the Mock wedding segment). The three designs featured are simple yet fun!

First up we have a few roses accented with berries. The berries matched a collar that surrounded the bouquet (I will post when I get Shanda’s pictures).

Next a simple rounded mount of burgundy button mums is placed on top of the cake. I love this idea because it is plain yet playful!

For the third design, a single spotted orchid is placed against the burgundy button mums adding the extra something! Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

I am looking forward to sharing the Shanda’s photos with you all!


A Touch of Scent

I made this arrangement last year around this time, but it is still one of my favorite holiday arrangements. I do not know why I love it so much….. maybe because of the kale. Just like anthiriums, I am obsessed with kale….

Kale, red Viking poms, roses, magnolia leaves, spotted orchids and ming fern are accented with a touch of evergreens. This arrangement had a nice scent adding the perfect touch.




Something simple and quick, to brighten your day!

Irises have a fantastic color! Here 10 irises are arranged low in a glass bubble bowl.  Yellow cox comb and Spanish moss add depth while brown bullion wire wrapped around the base of the arrangement. Small rocks sit at the bottom of the vase to ground the design.

Irises have many meaning; faith, wisdom, cherished friendship, hope, valor, my compliments, promise in love, wisdom. They are always a great gift for a friend or yourself! 🙂

Masculine Anthiriums


As you know I have a slight obsession with anthiriums. I am drawn to them because of their texture, the unique shape and all the great colors they come in! One of my weekly accounts let me create whatever I like in their vases. This vase is a bright blue cylinder with a cascading grouping of various colors.

In this arrangement I wanted to continue the line with the dark brown branch and add a statement with the curved anthiriums. Check out a few of the views. Something interesting to see at many angles!