A Yummy Cake

In October I did a photo shoot with Shanda Hudson (Created By Shanda) which was a mock wedding / family heirloom shoot. While Shanda was off taking photos with the super sweet couple, I decided to play with the cake and took these snapshots.

Lately I have been getting more and more couples that want cake flowers. I have noticed the trends are heading back to fresh flowers on the cake instead of sugar flowers. I personally LOVE the idea!

This small cake (I think it feeds about 25 people) was created by the Cake Box in Huntington Beach. I created four different designs (one of which was shot by Shanda during the Mock wedding segment). The three designs featured are simple yet fun!

First up we have a few roses accented with berries. The berries matched a collar that surrounded the bouquet (I will post when I get Shanda’s pictures).

Next a simple rounded mount of burgundy button mums is placed on top of the cake. I love this idea because it is plain yet playful!

For the third design, a single spotted orchid is placed against the burgundy button mums adding the extra something! Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

I am looking forward to sharing the Shanda’s photos with you all!


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