Awww I love getting snail mail! There is something so great about being able to hold the letter or card in my hand. It is tangible and always welcome!

After each bridal show I like to send out a postcard to wish each and every bride congrats on being engaged (since it is a wonderful time I am finding out J )! Planning a wedding can be overwhelming especially when all the little details can be overlooked! Since I have been planning mind I am constantly thinking of thing I have forgotten!

Planning the flowers for the wedding is something I truly enjoy. I love to think about all the little details and how the flowers play such a HUGE role the overall décor and feel for a wedding. The same exact flowers can be vintage, modern and clean lines, garden inspired, black tie formal and even rock and roll! That is what I find SO fascinating!!

SO back to snail mail… I wanted to send out a postcard to the Brides from the Bridal fair on 1/09/11 at the Queen Mary informing them about the upcoming blog series (starts tomorrow!) “28 Days of Bridal Bouquets” where I strive to inspire Brides no matter what their wedding theme is! I automatically though about Peter from Stork Digital to design my postcard. I was very excited to see the final design that he came up with and am now excited to share it will all the Brides (and all the readers of my blog of course).

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