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Day 28: Unique For Fall

I love a great color combo. Colors really make an arrangement (wedding or everyday) strand out. Whenever I can I try to play with unique and interesting color combos. I do have some go to color combos that I use all the time but this is one that I had a blast putting together! It is truly unique!!

Sedium, star of Bethlehem, mini calla lilies, burgundy button mums, dianthus and carnations make up this Bride’s bouquet. The stems are left mainly showing and a relatively narrow area is bound by the burlap style ribbon. This ribbon is actually very soft yet has the great look that burlap has!

For the bridesmaid bouquets a smaller version of the bride’s bouquet is created without the mini calla lilies. The stems are finished the same way.


Day 27: Handles

The finishing touch for all bridal bouquets is the stem wrap! There are many many many different options and they had SO much to the overall appeal of the bouquet.

Pins are a very traditional way to finish the handle. They come in the standard black and pearl styles as well as in many other fun colors!

First is an even placement of pins around the handle.

Next a straight finishing seam with alternate sequences. The touch of the glitz adds a hint of sparkle and can be for the bight pallets or even the more earthy tones (like this green and brown handle).

Another form of glitz is the bullion wire that is wrapped between around these two handles.

Besides pins there are many other accents that can be added. This handle is accented with black studs.

Not all accents have to glitzy or sparkly. This handle is first covered with ribbon then a thin layer of Spanish moss and finished with the bullion wire to bind the moss to the handle.

And then there is always a ti leaf wrap to add a topical touch!

Ribbon treatments are also a great way to finish a handle. First a ballet style accent.

Next a wrap created from three colors of thin ribbon loosely braided. This creates an interesting accent that is probably paired with a simple bouquet.

Finally bands of ribbon are tied in knots, a fun spin of “tying the knot”!

Day 26: Fiesta Roses

Color Color Color!! There are truly endless colors of roses!

These roses are called “fiesta roses” and to me they look like fun. Anthirium, green dendrobium orchids, grass loops and wire swirls are added to the roses. The handle is covered in a grey satin ribbon which is embellished with wire swirls and a copper brooch.

A fun look for a fun event!

Day 25: Summer Citrus Colors

Summer is a great time for bright colors and fun events. These pieces are inspired by orange yellow and a crisp clean white for good measure.

The first bouquet is created from two tones of orange roses, a touch pale pink stock, yellow aranda orchids and a mix of fillers for a more casual look.

Second a mix of yellow Asiatic lilies, yellow aranda orchid and orange roses accented with dusty miller, misty blue and variegated pittosporum.

For the centerpieces, a mix of spring flowers in a glass cube filled with oranges in the base.

First a mix white hydrangea, white snap dragons, yellow roses, yellow aranda orchids.

Second, a mix of yellow roses, yellow Vanda orchids, yellow lilies and white snap dragons.

Day 24: Burgundy Pink White; Inspired by Texture

Texture is an AMAZING inspiration! I am obsessed with texture and this bouquet has tons of it!!

White hydrangea, two colors of ranunculus, pink lissianthus, champagne spray roses and berries are collared with babies breathe and finished with white cotton string. The handle is covered with grey ribbon and the white cotton string.

The boutonniere is created from white dusty miller and burgundy spray roses. The same with string is added for a simple accent for a cohesive look.

Simple accents are huge in weddings! I love the idea of plate flowers, here dusty miller and pink fillers tied with white string bow.

Day 23: Spring Buttons

There are WAY too many wonderful spring flowers….. This bouquet has some of my favorites. These peach roses pop against the textures of the foliage and the pink flowers (ranunculus, anemones and bouvardia). A blue ribbon covers the handle with a mix of buttons attached on the front of the bouquet. By mixing the color and sizes of the buttons it creates an even more eye catching look!

For the centerpieces a simple spring mix, like the one pictured below, is a great option! The silver container adds a touch of sparkle.

Day 22: Orchid planters

Lately I have had a few brides that wanted to use orchid plants as centerpieces. They make a great long lasting memory for the person that gets to take them home after the reception. Try giving them to the bridesmaids or the first person the return the rsvp card (I had a bride that did that and I thought it was a great idea!).

The bouquet is created from a mix of spring flowers including hydrangea, mini cymbidiums, ranunculus and anemones. The handle is covered with a soft green yarn finishing off the soft spring look.

Phalaenopsis orchids come in SO many shades including the unique and delicate spotted pattern. Since the plant has a much taller presence then the traditional centerpiece, candles were added to the table in various size squares to help fill the center.

Day 21: Real Wedding; Black, Green and White

My Brides are all very special to me, but this wedding always sticks out to me! Sabrina was one of my all-time favorite brides! I love her colors and her over all décor for her wedding. There is something so fun and fresh about the color theme as well whimsical with the feathers!

Sabrina’s bouquet is created from white hydrangea, green roses, star of Bethlehem, green button mums and black mini calla lilies. Accents of feathers were tucked in to add some movement and the whimsical feel. The handle was covered with black satin ribbon and finished with her grandmother’s necklace. The string was broken when she gave it to me so I strung the beads on a green wire to give it plenty of support so it would stay the entire event.

The groom wore a green rose accented with a white spray rose. I opted for the black floral tape instead of the traditional light green tape. This little accent made a HUGE difference!

Instead of the bridesmaids carrying bouquets, Sabrina choose to have them wear corsages. They were made of black mini calla lilies, white spray roses, green button mums and multiple types of feathers.

The mothers wore pin-on corsages made from white spray roses and accented with green button mums, spotted feathers and variegated lily grass in a bow shape.

The aisle had small buckets filled with hydrangea and button mums accented with hanging amaranths.

The tables were mixed between 6 and 10 person rounds with glass bubble bowl filled with white hydrangea, button mums, roses and anemones accented with hanging amaranths and black feathers. They were perfect of the tables and all the accents Sabrina picked for her wedding!

The cake was a simple two layer cake accented with cymbidium orchids and green dendrobium orchids. A few orchids were also scattered on the table for a slight touch! LOVED the cake despite the picture being slightly blurry….. I am not the greatest photographer.

I will always love Sabrina’s wedding and I love to show off all the great details!

Day 20: Real Wedding, Santa Ana Courthouse

Not every wedding needs to be a large over the top event. The main purpose of a wedding is to have a perfect day for you and your new spouse. It is a plus to have your loved ones there to support you even if it just a few. When one of my best friends got married I was SO happy for her. Her and her husband were high school sweethearts and are madly in loved all these years later.

It has been two years since they got married and they have since moved out of California and live in Washington where he is stationed. BUT I was honored to be a part of their wedding and still love to look through the pictures.  They were married at the historic courthouse in Santa Ana. The venue has wonderful detail and an amazing feeling!

I wanted to create an extra special bouquet for her since she is such a wonderful person, SO I used an upgraded silver holder with a mix of white lilies, quicksand roses, black mini calla lilies, hyacinth blooms and touches of feathers.

Their parents wore black mini calla lilies.


After the wedding the few guests that attended (Less than 20) joined the couple at one of their favorite restaurants where the small patio of reserved for them. Down the center of the table multiple arrangements were placed. On type was designed in a cement rectangle filled with black bacarra roses and spheres made from black wire. The second type was created in a glass bubble bowl with quick sand roses and calla lilies. I alternated the two styles to bring interest to the table.

This bouquet still gets a lot of attention in my book and was the perfect fit for the Bride! I know they will live a long and happy life together!

And a few of my favorites of the day overall!

Day 19: Silk Wedding Flowers

Silk flowers have improved dramatically over the years! They are no longer the dusty old things on your grandmothers table! Silk bridal bouquets are becoming more and more popular. Brides want to have a keepsake they can enjoy after their big day. Also some places (such as some venues in Las Vegas; I had a friend who had a great wedding there) require you to use their florist or to bring silk flowers (no outside florists allowed). SO why sacrifice the design or fun flowers for the boring silks of the past. Here are some of our silk wedding bouquets that have been on ….. We are going to launching a new line of silk bridal bouquets in the coming months (most likely the end of May), be sure to check them out!