Day 1: Sweet Scents for Spring

February is the perfect time to start this blog series! Spring is right around the corner, the bulb plants are starting to be bloom and of course Valentine’s Day will be here before you know it!

To dive right in, this spring inspired bouquet is created from white hyacinth, pink mini calla lilies and pink cox comb. Talk about textures and a great fragrance!  I love the cay hyacinth smells. It can fill a room and always reminds me of spring and sunshine! This bouquet is tied loosely to create a clean classic garden style. The bright green ribbon is tied in a single knot.


For the Bridesmaid bouquet a very similar yet smaller bouquet is created from the white hyacinth and mini calla lilies. The same green ribbon is tied in a bow at a single binding point. This would complement so many dress colors but I am picturing this against a spring green knee length dress. Picture an outdoor garden event or even a small neighborhood church with a lot of character!

The centerpieces should carry the same feeling! Here, a six inch bubble bowl is filled with the white hyacinth and pink mini calla lilies but also includes a few green cymbidium orchids and touches of garden style foliage. Grey wire is also added for a touch of movement and texture giving a fun whimsical look. This size would be best for a table of 6 people. For a larger table (8 or even 10 people) an eight inch bubble bowl would be more fitting.

Most events now have a cocktail hour. This is a great time for the guests to relax and get into the part mood! It is often overlooked for the floral décor, but this part of the event starts the part. I usually suggest a small arrangement for each pub tables (or cocktail table which ever you prefer). Since the tables are usually quite a bit smaller than the reception tables, this 3 inch cube fits perfectly.

This is just the 1st day of 28 days to inspire! Check back each day for a new blog post!


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