Day 4: Black and White

Black is becoming the new chocolate! More and More brides are picking back bridesmaid dress, black linens and have you seen all the AMAZING black invitations!

As far as black flowers…. They are very limited. I love black ti leaves however they are very large and therefore not my first choice for the bouquets….  I love black mini calla lilies. They have a fun shape, a classic look and are very durable to last all night long.

For this blog I did three bouquets in the black and white theme. The first is a bouquet made from both black and white mini calla lilies. The stems are finished with a ribbon treatment that is remonstrant of an Edwardian collar.

The next bouquet is a modern style clutch bouquet. I can see this paired with a very sleek clean lined dress. Picture a very structural dress with and interesting one shoulder look. White mini calla lilies are surrounded with black mini calla lilies. The unique touch to this bouquet is the handle detail. The two bound points were detailed with Spanish moss and silver wire. FUN! I think this is my favorite of the three because of the handle treatment.

Last but not least, black mini calla lilies are paired with white Star of Bethlehem finish with a thick white shoestring bow. Textures galore!

Sometimes it is the finishing touches that make an ordinary bouquet into an unforgettable design. Whether an unexpected ribbon collar or a touch of a textured moss, it is fun to think OUTSIDE the box!


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