Day 5: Buttons and Bamboo

Texture, Texture, Texture! I am drawn to texture, movement, color and details! This bouquet has it all! Pin cushion proteas, anemones, sweet William, stock, min calla lilies, spray roses and succulents make up this very lush bouquet. The handle is finished with ribbon loops and a tight gray satin ribbon wrap. A few orange and brown buttons accent the top of the handle.

For the boutonniere two spray roses and a single succulent simply accented with a few buttons. The ends are curled into tight swirls.

The bride’s maid bouquet is a mini version of the bride’s bouquet; Pin cushion proteas, stock, mini calla lilies and sweet William.

For the tablescape a large glass vase is topped with a low bright arrangement. Pin cushion proteas, kale, roses, mini calla lilies, anemones and stock are grouped together to have a strong visual look. Bamboo stands straight against the vase. This strong line adds a fun texture and interesting line. It adds a huge touch to top off a great arrangement.

Plate flowers are becoming more and more popular. Here a few pieces of bamboo are placed to mimic the line of the napkin. A single open green rose is placed at the end of the bamboo to add a pop of color and to tie in with the centerpiece. A small expense with a HUGE impact.


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